Make a Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

INSIDE : No longer do you need to hunt high and low for another gift bag. No more running to the store to buy another bag that will be tossed. Learn how to make a gift bag from wrapping paper! They take moments to make and it’s great to use up your gift wrap stash.

Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

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How many times are you searching around your home for something to make wrapping an unusual shaped gift.

DIY Gift Bag supplies

DIY Gift Bag supplies

How to Make a Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

To make a gift bag from wrapping paper, start by placing the item you are planning to wrap down on your paper. You want your “folded paper” to be at least the width of your item.

Once you have that width, cut your paper accordingly.

Now fold one side over the other and add two pieces of tape. This should leave you with a “tube” type shape, open on both ends.

DIY Wrapping Paper Bag

Next, fold up the bottom of your tube about 2″ or so.

Wrapping Paper folds

Now slightly open the flat, fold each corner inward to create two side triangles.

Wrapping Paper

Then, fold both the top and bottom pieces inward.

Gift Bag folds

Add tape to secure the bottom of your gift bag together.

wrapping paper press

DIY Gift Wrap Bag

Now its’ time to open up your DIY Gift Wrap Bag!

DIY Gift Bag

Adding ribbon to your gift bag

You can simply fold over your new gift bag and secure with tape OR you can add a little more embellishment.

Using a hole punch, create two holes and thread the ribbon through and tie.

Gift Bag Ribbon

Gift Bags from Wrapping Paper

And there you go! Add yourself a gift tag, a bow or any other lovely gift item you’d like.

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