Geometric Thread Box

Today I will be showing how to create this fun and so easy Geometric Thread Box.  I use it in my updated Guest Room + Office space!  I love the natural wood showing through and the cheerful colors, too.

Easy DIY Geometric Thread Box, Delineate Your Dwelling

Various colors of Acrylic Paint
Sponge Brush
Washi Tape or Painter’s Tape

Wooden Box (mine was from Hobby Lobby)


Using your washi tape, create a pattern across your entire wooden box.  There was no rhyme or reason to this particular pattern.

Once you have all your tape applied, break out your sponge brush and start filling in your empty spaces.


I used an orange, pale pink and white paint as my three colors.


Let your paint dry a little bit but not all the way and then remove the tape.


You could leave your box as is, but I wanted to add one more final touch.


I found an old glass door knob I had bought forever ago but never found a use for and removed the screw and bolts from the back of it.  With some simple hot.glue it was secured to my box and the perfect lid opener.


The shape of this box is so perfect for holding all my sewing threads.


Easy DIY Geometric Thread Box, Delineate Your Dwelling
This is just one of the MANY projects I created and use in the Guest Room + Office update.
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14 thoughts on “Geometric Thread Box

  1. Great minds… I totally use washi tape for painting projects! Those colors and the wood grain stole my heart, off to go pin like crazy!!

    I always look forward to your projects, Amy!

    We really appreciate the linkup at Outside [the Box]! Hope to see more bombdigity projects from you– Tuesdays @ 5pm EST.

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