New Years, Goal + Spring related projects:

I love the Spring time.  The weather finally turns from wintery cold and dark to sunny, warm and full of new growth and life.  Plus, my heart skips a beat that we can start playing outdoors and planting new plants.  (Have you seen all my plant related crafts yet??) 

Being able to fill your home with cheerful pastel colored crafts, spreading the love during Valentine’s Day and celebrating with friends and family during Easter, I love the Spring season!  

These are some of my most popular and favorite Spring time projects:
Magnetic Daffodil Planter
Painted Lemon Bags
Fruit Stamped Easter Eggs
Grapevine Bunny Wreath
DIY Ikat Coasters

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These are some of my most popular Easter projects:
DIY Metallic Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs published in Everyday Living with Rachael Ray
Fruit Stamped Easter Eggs
DIY Tassel Easter Basket

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