Paper Bag Stars

INSIDE : Learn how to create the most beautiful Paper Bag Stars to hang in your home this Holiday season. They add a festive Scandinavian look to your Christmas decor.

DIY Paper Bag Stars

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There is something about simple holiday decor and it doesn’t get more simple than brown paper bag stars. They are elegant and classic and this craft is so easy to make… I will be making them every year from here on out!

What supplies do I need to make Paper Bag Stars?

Brown Paper Lunch Bags (7 per star)
Hot Glue
Pencil (optional)

Paper Bag Star supplies

How to make a star out of Paper Bags?

Place your first paper bag with the flap facing down and apply hot glue to your bag in a “T” pattern. See below image.

Place your next paper bag on top and repeat this pattern until you have seven bags glued together.

Paper Bag Star step 1

Using a pencil draw an arrow point at the opening of your bags and then draw on the embellishment cuts you want to make on the side/middle of your bag.

I did simple triangle cuts on the side, but you could make half circles or half hearts. Both are gorgeous when you open up your bags.

Paper Bag Star step 2

This is what it should look like with the top portion cut.

Paper Bag Star scissor cuts

Here it is with the small triangle sides cut.

Paper Bag Stars cuts

Once your cuts are made, open up the bags to create this beautiful star shape! You will need to hot glue the two ends together and then your star is complete.

Paper Bag Holiday Star

Paper Stars from Lunch Bags

I used simple scotch tape to hang our stars above our fireplace. We also made paper chains and paper snowflakes for a magical Scandinavian Christmas look.

Holiday Paper Bag Stars on fireplace

Brown Paper Bag Stars

I want to try a few more brown paper bag stars and try cutting out different shapes and patterns. The options are endless for what they could look like.

DIY Brown Paper Bag Holiday Stars

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Brown Paper Bag Christmas Stars

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3 thoughts on “Paper Bag Stars

  1. Hi Diane: Glad that your Thanksgiving was happy.
    I made the lunch bag star. Think I will give it to a friend who has a really old log cabin and a theme that will fit. Very cute idea! I love the stars placed with the white snowflakes and chain garland.

    1. these are the cutest! we will enjoy making the flakes to hang. thanks for sharing and also making ALL your instructions easy to follow..♡

      1. So glad it was helpful! Be sure to tag me when you make them, I’d love to see how they turn out. 😉

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