Advanced Paper Snowflakes

INSIDE : Learn how to cut out Advanced Paper Snowflakes to hang in your home this Holiday Season. These three shapes are simple to create and give your DIY snowflakes a unique and interesting look! A fun craft for all skill levels.

Gorgeous paper snowflakes on a Holiday Fireplace

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As I get older, I find myself wanting more simple Holiday Decor. I also enjoy including the family in the making and setting up process of Christmas in our home. A handful of years ago I started making Paper Bag Stars and I’ve got to say, they have become one of my favorite additions to our decor.

You can see what the simple paper bag stars look like below.

Brown Paper Bag Stars
Simple Paper Bag Stars

This year however, I decided to try a few more advanced paper star techniques. So, I did some searching and tweaking and ended up with three very lovely new Paper Bag Snowflakes! Let’s get into what we need to make them.

What supplies do I need to make Advanced Paper Snowflakes?


Paper Bag Cutting Technique

The actual technique for making these more advanced paper snowflakes is exactly the same (see paper bag stars), but the trick to getting more unique looks is in the way you cut the bags.

You can see below the three different patters I cut out of my brown paper bags to get the three different paper stars.

Paper Snowflakes Cutting techniques

Just like the simple paper bag stars, you adhere sevens bags together with hot glue in a “T” shape. Once you have a stake of glued together bags, you can start cutting out these more intricate shapes.

I noticed when I was all done that some of them came apart just here and there. This is no problem at all, as you can simply use clear Scotch tape to make any mends needed.

Advanced Paper Snowflakes

Hanging Paper Snowflakes

In addition to my paper snowflakes, I also had my children help me make long beautiful white paper chains and white paper snowflakes. Once we had all our materials made, it was time to hang them on the fireplace.

I used three white command hooks for the larger Advanced Paper Snowflakes and then used Scotch tape to hang the paper chains and white snowflakes.

Holiday Fireplace with Paper Garlands

Getting your Snowflakes to hang flat

I noticed when I simply placed the command hooks on the wall and put the paper snowflakes directly on them, that the snowflakes were very angled and wouldn’t sit flat.

To make sure your snowflakes hang flat against your wall, add a small piece of string through one of the holes on the snowflake and hang that on the command hook.

This ensures perfectly flat snowflakes!

Fancy Paper Snowflakes on a wall

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