Coffee Filter Holiday Stars

INSIDE : Learn how to fold these beautiful Coffee Filter Holiday Stars to hang on your mantle, Christmas tree, stocking or turn into a garland. It’s a fun crafty twist on the classic paper bag stars! Make folded, pinwheel and concertina stars.

Coffee Filter Holiday Stars
Coffee Filter Stars

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I started making Paper Bag Stars about three years ago. I love their simple look and their simple price tag. And I also love that I don’t have to store them in plastic bins in our garage during the entire year waiting for Christmas to near.

I love them so much, that last year I decided to try my hand with slightly more Advanced Paper Snowflakes. They are basically the same thing, but with harder cuts. They turned out so lovely!

This year, I wanted to give myself a challenge, so I created three different holiday stars using brown coffee filters. It took a bit of trial and error to figure out how to make these, but they actually are quite simple!

So, let’s get into how to make them.

What supplies do I need to make Christmas Stars using Coffee Filters?

Coffee Filter Christmas Stars

How do you make stars out of Coffee Filters?

Making stars out of coffee filters is really quite simple, you just need to get a little creative with folds and cuts! I made three different versions of stars : folded stars, concertina stars and pinwheel stars.

If you are looking for a really simple star to start with the folded star is a good place to start. The concertina (or zig zag star) is also an easy one. The pinwheel star takes only a little more effort, but is well worth it in the end!

Let’s get started on how to make them below. And you can also watch the step by step video for extra guidance.

Coffee Filter Folded Star

To create a Coffee Filter Folded Star, start by folding your coffee filter accordion style so there are 7 seams.

Folded Coffee Filter

Then using your scissors, about halfway down the filter’s edge cut a big diagonal cut. From one side to the top corner of the other side.

Coffee Filter cut

Repeat the above steps until you have made about six of these Coffee Filter Folded Star sections.

Folded Coffee Filter Sections

Start to hot glue each of the sections together. I found it was helpful to add the hot glue to an edge and then place it on a flat surface to make sure my star was misshapen.

Glued Coffee Filter star sections

The final Coffee Filter Christmas Folded Star has a lovely 3D look!

3D Coffee Filter star

Coffee Filter Folded Concertina Star

To create a Coffee Filter Folded Concertina Star, you start by creating a zig zag fold.

Begin folding at the bottom seam of your filter and fold back and forth until you get to the top.

Accordion Folded Coffee Filter

Next, pinch in the center of your filter and fold it in half.

Coffee Filter fold

Add hot glue to the inside center of your folded Concertina and hold together until it is dry.

Coffee Filter Accordion glued in half

Repeat the above steps six times and lay each of your Coffee Filter Folded Concertina Star sections on a flat surface.

Coffee Filter Folded Concertina Star

Once each section is hot glued together, you will have yourself a beautiful zig zag Coffee Filter Star!

Coffee Filter Concertina Star

Coffee Filter Pinwheel Star

Drumroll for the most beautiful Coffee Filter Pinwheel Star! This fold I completely made up, so maybe there is a more technical name for this type of fold… but for now I am calling it a Christmas pinwheel star.

Begin this start by folding your coffee filter in half. Then about 1/3 from the top, cut diagonally toward the top folded edge. You should have a similar shape as below.

Diagonal Coffee Filter cut

Next, on one of the folded edges, add three small dots of hot glue and fold that edge towards your center fold.

Coffee Filter hot glue

NOTE : Don’t make a crease when you “fold” the edge over. It should create a nice gentle rounded edge instead.

Flip over the coffee filter and repeat this step on the other side.

Coffee Filter Wrap

You will now have the shape below. Add a small dab of hot glue to the bottom center of the inside of your filter and glue it together.

Coffee Filter Bend fold

This is what your piece will look like from the other side, see below.

Repeat the above steps until you have created 22 of these rounded folded pinwheel pieces.

Coffee Filter pinwheel section

The trick to getting this beautiful pinwheel texture is alternating your pinwheel pieces.

The first piece place so the folded “point” is facing down on a flat surface. The next piece that you will hot glue together, you will place so the folded “point” is facing up. Then the next piece place so the folded “point” is facing down again. Repeat this back and forth placement until you glue all around the entire pinwheel.

Coffee Filter Pinwheel

Coffee Filter Christmas Stars

I just adore these Christmas Stars and plan to incorporate them into my fireplace mantle decor.

Holiday Paper stars
Coffee Filter Stars

I am going to have my children help make a few more of them and then we will be ready to hang. You can simply use a hole punch, string and command hooks to hang them on your wall.

Christmas paper stars

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