Simple Holiday Evergreen Wreath

INSIDE : Learn how to make a simple Holiday Evergreen Wreath DIY project to add a little festive Christmas cheer to your home this winter season!

DIY Simple Evergreen Wreath

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I have made so many wreaths over the years.  I recently rounded up 55+ Holiday Wreaths and realized out of all the wreaths I’ve made for my home, I have never done a Simple Evergreen Holiday Wreath for Christmas – how can that be?  Well I made sure to change that as of now!

What supplies do I need to make a DIY Holiday Evergreen Wreath?

Willow Wreath Form
Two Frosted Evergreen Boughs (faux)
Burgundy Velvet Ribbon
Hot Glue gun

Evergreen Wreath supplies

How to make an Evergreen Holiday Wreath:

Start by shaping your faux evergreen pine picks to slightly bend in a circular form.  I just love these frosted evergreen boughs, I even used the leftover ones and stuck them in my Christmas tree to give it a little more fullness.

Once you have the shape right, use a hot glue gun and secure the evergreens to the bottom half of your willow wreath form.

Making an Evergreen Wreath step 1

Fold your velvet ribbon into a lovely bow.  I love having long ribbon ends, so be sure to leave some length for that.  Next, using your hot glue gun, secure your ribbon to the bottom of your wreath.

Raspberry Velvet Ribbon
Simple Holiday Wreath

Look how great the frosted evergreen pine picks looks from the side!

Evergreen Frosted Bough
DIY Simple Wreath

And it’s so simple but striking which is just the kind of holiday decor I love best in my home.

Evergreen Wreath DIY

I think it would look amazing to make a set of three of these in different sizes and then hang them all together as a big statement piece on your wall.  Maybe using a smaller embroidery hoop and then even a hula hoop for the larger size!

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