Boho Eucalyptus Wreath

INSIDE : Learn how to keep your fall decor earthy and simple this year with a stunning DIY Boho Eucalyptus Thanksgiving Wreath!  Simple materials with romantic pops of color make for a great wreath craft project. 

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This post has been udpated since it’s original publish date of October 2019.

I love embracing the season by crafting simple wreaths to hang on display in my home.  Today, I am sharing how I created a minimal effort wreath with gorgeous color and one of my favorite greenery pieces, eucalyptus.

You can check out the full tutorial and the supply list at Oriental Trading’s FUN365 site.

Raffia Wreath

I adore using a gold metal ring for the wreath form, it immediately adds something special to your wreath. And don’t even get me started on the stunning faux Antique Rose. They bring a very romantic and feminine look.

I loved mixing the very feminine look of the florals with the more messy feel of the raffia. Tying the raffia in a ribbon type function to hang this beautiful wreath was such a fun twist.

Whether you want to hang this festive wreath on your front door or display inside your home, the simple style will match any home decor.

How to make a wreath

Crafting a beautiful wreath can be surprisingly simple! Here are some of the basic steps to making a decorative piece for your home.

  1. Choose your base:
    Select a wire, grapevine, or straw wreath form depending on your desired fullness and weight.
  2. Gather your materials:
    Pick greenery like pines or eucalyptus, colorful accents like berries or dried flowers, and don’t forget wire or floral pins for attaching!
  3. Build it up:
    Create small bundles of your chosen materials, overlapping and securing them tightly to the base with wire or pins. Start from the inner ring and work your way outwards.
  4. Get creative:
    Add decorative twists! Incorporate ribbons, bows, or even small ornaments for a personalized touch.
  5. Finishing touches:
    Once your wreath is full and balanced, secure any loose ends and fluff out greenery for a natural look. Hang it proudly and enjoy your handmade masterpiece!

Remember, this is just a starting point. You can adapt and personalize your wreath to fit your style and occasion. So, have fun and get wreath-ing!

Boho Thanksgiving

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Eucalyptus Thanksgiving Wreath

Don’t forget to pin this project now and save it for your next crafting session before Thanksgiving is here!

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