Fall Apple Tree Watercolor Print

INSIDE : Download your free Fall Apple Tree Watercolor Print! It’s the perfect Autumn touch to your home decor this year. Pair with a modern gold picture frame and you are set for the Fall season.

Gold Frame Apple Tree Watercolor

There is nothing quite the calming practice of watercolor painting. From time to time, I enjoy setting up my watercolor paper, paint set and relaxing with some slow painting.

Recently, in honor of the Autumn season, I decided to paint this Apple Tree. We don’t have any Apple Orchards that I know of in New Mexico, but we always loved visiting a local one when we lived in Illinois.

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Watercolor Apple
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Apple Tree Watercolor

This design comes as an 8.5 x 11 digital .jpg file.  You can download it onto your computer, print at home or at your local print shop and hang it immediately on the wall!

I put mine in a beautiful gold frame and it gave my apple tree watercolor painting a lovely modern look.

Apple tree in gold frame

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Watercolor Apple Tree leaves

This print has a soft blue square background with watercolor apple tree leaves. It was such fun to bring in deep reds of the apples and all the different shades of greens for the leaves.

Deep red watercolor apples

Okay are you ready to download your print now? Follow the instructions below to get it.

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Apple Tree Watercolor Print


    1. FOLLOW up to my own comment – it’s been so long since I’ve been there that I didn’t realize they moved the orchard out of state when Taos had a big fire about 10 years ago. HA! I guess it’s cause you can still get there apples here that I thought they just rebuilt. Dang.

      1. Ah, interesting. So you can get apples there, but they grow them elsewhere. Well, it still looks like a fun spot to visit.

    2. Ohhhhh yes, now that you mention it I’ve heard of Dixon Orchard! I’ve never been, but now I’ll need to make a point of going there. Thanks for reminding me!

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