A is for Apple Watercolor free Printable

INSIDE : Check out this fun step by step tutorial for an adorable A is for Apple Watercolor free Printable. You can also download and hang in your home! 

A is for Apple Print
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This post has been updated since it’s original August 2014 publish date.

My little girl is headed off to preschool this year!  She’s only going two days a week for a few hours, but it’s the first step towards being a big girl and we have been doing lots of celebrating around the house.  In honor of school attendees around the country, I am sharing this fun A is for Apple watercolor print with you all.

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What supplies do I need to make an A is for Apple watercolor picture?

Prang Watercolor set
Watercolor Paper 
(I’ve been wanting to try these Watercolor Brushes!)

Apple Watercolor supplies

How do I paint an A is for Apple watercolor picture?

I always start watercolor paintings with a few light pencil sketches and then I slowly fill in my color.

Apple Watercolor step 1


 After completing the main apple watercolor graphic, I attempted to paint in the center text.  It was an epic fail.  The wording was off centered, the F of ‘for’ and the L of ‘apple’ just happened to overlap into a hot mess.  No good.

How to fix mess ups when watercoloring :

Now what?  I definitely was not about to repaint the entire thing.  And then I remembered our scanner to the rescue!  If you are on the hunt for a small, quick and easy to use scanner, this is the one for you.  We’ve had the ScanSnap for a few years and had no regrets.  


We originally got the Scansnap when our daughter was born and I was working from home 20 hours a week, as a landscape architect.  I was constantly sketching designs and needing to quickly get them emailed to the people at my office.

The scanner automatically detects paper sizes, has auto color detection, auto cropping and scans double sided.  It’s a little pricy but if you want dependable, small and compact  then this guy is your ticket.

So after scanning my watercolor print, I wrote out (about a million times) “A is for apple” on a piece of paper and scanned that in as well.

Using photoshop, I was able to downsize the text and easily made it fit in the space.

Paint a DIY Geometric Apple Watercolor piece of art work! Delineate Your Dwelling

Paint a DIY Geometric Apple Watercolor piece of art work! Delineate Your Dwelling
AND I’m sharing both prints with you all.  I made an option with yellow triangles and an option with gray triangles.

Paint a DIY Geometric Apple Watercolor piece of art work! Delineate Your Dwelling


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DIY a Geometric Apple Watercolor piece of art work! Delineate Your Dwelling










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  1. Love it and totally just downloaded. I’m working on A’s play area and this will go just there. Only I hope she won’t get possessive. She thinks A is for Annika and the letter is hers and hers only!

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