Favorite Creative Youtube Channels

INSIDE : Check out this amazing collection of my Favorite Creative Youtube Channels! This fun group includes home decor, DIY and easy crafts. Get ready to be inspired with these budget friendly Youtube vloggers.

Favorite Creative Youtube Channels

This post has been updated since it’s original October 2016 publish date.

Anyone else feel like video is taking over the world??!  Okay, maybe not taking over the world, but it does seem like videos are definitely becoming the “thing”.  

There are video options now with Tik Tok, Snapchat, Facebook live, Instagram Stories, Instagram reels, Youtube and so many more!

With so many videos being created and published on all these platforms every day, sometimes it can be difficult to know which are quality content and which are not. So, today I decided to highlight a few of my favorite creator friends that publish content regularly on Youtube.

And of course, you should follow my creative Youtube Channel!  It features home decor, crafts, a few plants and even some lifestyle content.

Now let’s get to some of my Favorite Creative Youtube Channels!

If you love these videos, be sure to click over to their channel and subscribe!  I’ve subscribed to them and each time they post a new video, I get a notification letting me know.

Best DIY and Creative Youtube creators

The House that Lars Built  

Her videos are ridiculously cute and I love how each video always has one small clever little detail included.  Plus, Brittany is just such fun.  The girl could talk for 45 minutes straight and I’d watch every second.  I just loved her 31 Day Flower Drawing challenge video!

Sarah Hearts  

Sarah has completely mastered video making!  She creates the most wonderful craft and recipe videos that are perfect for sharing across all social media.  She is a graphic designer turned maker with a passion for creating lovely things and everything she creates I adore.

Delineate Your Dwelling

Oh hi, it’s me! I have been long making video content and decided it was time to share of it on Youtube. DIY Home Decor, Easy Craft tutorials + a few Plants are the things you can find on my channel. There is no one just like you, let your home embrace that!

Persia Lou

Alexis is just so dang cute. Her projects and videos are always fun to watch! She shares colorful crafts, tons of amazing crochet projects and so many Silhouette and Cricut ideas. I love following her.

Lone Fox

Drew from the Lone Fox does not mess around! He used to focus more on smaller craft type projects, but the man is a force and now mostly does DIY and interior styling. He eye for design is amazing and he always is on top of the newest decor trends and colors.

Cuckoo 4 Design

Julia is a master DIY, craft and macramer! She showcases all her projects on Youtube and links to their associated blog post for even more information on them. Her projects are always so creative and budget friendly. I love following her.

Hana’s Happy Home

Hana is always sharing new DIY projects whether in her condo or a friend or family’s home. She specializes in wood accent walls and never let’s a project intimidate her! Her projects are beginner friendly and easy on the budget.

Kaleidoscope Living

My friend, Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living is a powerhouse of awesome. She loves color, home decor and DIY. She’s never afraid of embracing the patterns and colors she loves most and I love that about her. to where it is our mission to help you create a home you love without going broke. Join us for a colorful adventure full of DIYs, home decor and simple crafts!

Hot Pink Pineapples

Cyn of Hot Pink Pineapples is one I love following. She always is inspiring me with her creative, but very simple crafts and DIY projects! She recently moved from an apartment into their first home and it’s been such fun watching her transform her space.

Do you have any favorite youtube channels? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!


Favorite Creative Youtube Channels


  1. Yay! New Youtubers to follow! What a great list! I went and subbed to them.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh yay! I love getting an email once a week with all my new Youtube videos to watch. I marvel at all these creative makers creating videos, too! Glad you enjoyed my list.

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