Clay Projects

If you are looking for great clay projects or craft ideas using either air dry clay or oven baked polymer clay, then you have come to the right place.  With over 30+ projects, this is the place for your creative clay inspiration to bloom!

Polymer Clay supplies

I love working with clay.  I have made so many projects with Air Dry Clay and so many projects using baked polymer clay.  I think making clay projects are such a fun way to spend your time and with just a little bit of practice, you can really create the most amazing crafts.  

If you are looking for an overview on all things clay related, you might like my Tips, Techniques and Tricks for using Air Dry Clay post.

These are some of my most popular projects:
How to make inexpensive Clay Knobs
Geometric Clay Jar
Colorful Clay Animal Heads
Geometric Clay Rings
Clay Plant Holder
Clay Tassel Keychain

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Simple Clay Knob zoom,
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