Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter

I love bringing outdoors plants inside and even more so when the weather starts to cool and most plants start fading away.  I was able to make this adorable little Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter with my kids and the options for decorating are endless!

Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter,
Did you see the tutorial I shade at Land of Nod yesterday?

Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter,
How cute would this be with some succulents or even a little head of grass?  It could be your very own halloween chia pet, ha!

Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter horiz
Be sure to stop by Land of Nod for the full Pumpkin Planter tutorial.

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5 thoughts on “Plastic Cup Pumpkin Planter

    1. I was thinking it would be fun to fill the cup with soil and have my kiddos plant grass seeds, like a homemade Chia Pet! Ha. Thanks for stopping by today. xo

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