Modern Wood Candle Holders

INSIDE : Check out this amazing roundup of Modern Wood Candle Holders! From pillar candles to pedestal candles – there are gorgeous wood candle holders for them all.

Modern Wood Candle Holders

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I have such a love for wooden objects. I love using natural materials in new modern ways and beautiful wooden candle holders are just one example of this.

A few other wooden items I’ve crafted over the years are…

And by far my very favorite wooden project I made were these DIY Wooden candlestick holders! These cool wood taper candle holders were so much fun to make. There are endless combinations of wood shapes and stains to make so many unique candle holder options.

I’ve seen very similar taper candle holders made from wood sold in big box stores and it’s so fun to know that there are fairly easy DIY options to make them yourself.

Why do candles have wooden wicks?

Wooden candle wicks are helpful for cleaner burns. Because wooden wicks don’t burn unevenly like cloth wicks might, they have very little soot and debris build up.

Wooden wicks also help to heat the wax evenly, making for a more evenly melted candle.

Simply trim off the charred wick and you are left with a clean burn.

Favorite Wood Pillar Candle Holders

Where to buy wood candle holders

Ready to check out where to buy some of the best candle holders out there? Click below to see where to purchase each of them.

Are wood candle holders safe?

Technically wood is a flammable material, so you might be wondering if using wood to hold your candle is a good idea. And thankfully, as long as you don’t leave your candle unattended – the method for holding your candle should not be a huge issue.

However, if you leave a candle burning down to the top of the wood candle holder, the flame can start to char the wood. If it continues, it may burn the wood.

How to fireproof wood candle holders

If you are still concerned about using wood candler holders, a simple way to help fireproof them would be to add a candlestick insert. There are various colors and shapes for these inserts, but they help create a metal stop to your candle as it melts – thus protecting the flame from ever reaching the wood.

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