Wood Cutout Frame

INSIDE : Inspired by NBC’s hit ‘Making It’ show, check out how to make these simple and modern Wood Cutout Frames using raw wood and a few other supplies.  Make a beautiful statement in your home with these unique DIY frames.

modern Wooden Cutout Frame
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If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember just a few months ago that each Tuesday night I’d be cheering, hollering and WAY more excited than I should have been as my friend, Amber from Damask Love crafted her way through NBC’s new show, Making It.

When I was asked to join in with some fellow bloggers on a We Make Challenge, inspired by the NBC show… I gave a huge yes!  Check out how I made these fun Wood Cutout Frames.

We all have used raw wood this time around to create a project and after you get through reading my post, you can hop around and check out everyone else’s projects.

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What supplies do I need for Wood Cutout Frames?

BassWood | Flat Wood (2 sizes – rectangular + square) | Utility Knife
Cutting Mat | Hot Glue Gun | Acrylic Paint (White, Green + Peach)
Paint Brushes | Pencil | Ruler | Paint Palette

Wooden Cutout Frame supplies

How do I make Wooden Cutout Picture Frames?

Start this project off by painting your two main flat pieces of wood.  I painted the top portion of them white and then each piece got a fun pop of color on the edges.

I did the bigger piece of wood with a green trimmed edge and the small piece of wood with a soft peach colored trim edge.

Wooden Cutout Frame paint

While your main wood is drying, gentry measure the wood.  My larger piece was an even 10″ across and 8″ in height.  I wanted a half inch of my base piece of wood to be showing behind the thinner basswood frame.  So I measured out 7″ x 9″ onto the basswood.

Wooden Cutout Frame
Using a cutting mat and being VERY careful, use your utility knife to cut down your basswood.

Wooden Frame
Next, determine how big your want the opening of your frame to be.  I decided to offset mine and for easy of visibility photoshopped dots where my pencil lines to cut were located.  It was a 6″ x 6″ square shape.

Wood measure ruler
The last wood cutting step is to cut three thin pieces that will raise up the top basswood and give your cutout frame a 3D look.  After they are cut out, adhere the thin pieces to your basswood with hot glue.

This also helps keep the graphic or picture you use in the frame, from slipping around.

Cutout Frame glue
Lastly, add just a little additional hot glue to each of the thin pieces and adhere it to your base piece of wood!

simple and modern Wooden Cutout Frame
Take your favorite photos, encouraging words or anything other fun print and insert into your wood cutout frames!

Looking for other simple wood projects like this?  You might like my Balsa Wood House project.

Wood Cutout Frame, Create the Life you want to Live

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Wooden Cutout Frame simple



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