Airplane Themed Birthday Party

INSIDE : All the paper airplanes a little kid could ever want! Celebrate birthdays in style with a fun filled airplane party.

My little kiddo #2 recently turned two.  How does that happen so quickly?  I have such vivid memories of his birth like it was yesterday.  (It might be because I woke up from sleeping with intense contractions at 6am and he was born at 930am.  Uhm… a three and a half hour insanity birth story.)  

Anyhooo, I’ve decided until my kiddos hit the “5’s” (5, 10 and 15) we are just doing fun but simple family parties.  On the 5’s we will celebrate with friends and do a big ole’ party of it.  I still like to do a mini theme and decorating a bit.  Birthdays are such fun and such an excellent way to really celebrate your individual child.  I love making them feel special.  Last year, I had a fish themed party for him and this year I went with an Airplane themed birthday party!

The only item I bought for this airplane theme setup was from *Target’s Spritz line, the red and white striped paper pennants.  One side was striped and one side was solid red.
I used plain white paper and wrote out the number 2 and the word two with a black sharpie and then outlined it in gold.
Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
Then using simple jute string, I hung the letters and numbers with mini gold sparkle clothes pins.  I used gold paper clips then to hang the remaining striped pennants.
Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty

I pulled out a few blue striped and polka dot scrapbook papers and made eight different paper airplanes.  I made a few of them with white paper and added… you guessed it, gold stripes!

Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty


Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
My clipboards have been sitting empty since I removed my last graphics and had my fun Newspaper Chalkboard hanging up.  So, it was nice to add some color back to the wall with kiddo #2’s party decor!


Looking for other fun Creative Birthday Party ideas?  I have so so many!

Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
I forgot to mention I used white plain paper and cut out simple clouds.
Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
Airplane Themed Birthday Party, Delineate Your Dwelling #airplaneparty #twoyearoldparty
The entire setup took maybe an hour total.  And come morning time, it was so worth his happy face!  I love simple and easy projects that bring such joy to your kids.  What fun birthday theme’s have you done?


31 thoughts on “Airplane Themed Birthday Party

  1. How cute is that!!! Seriously you little one must have felt sooo very special, Amy. 🙂 I love how you’re using those clip boards for all kinds of fun and festive decorating options.

    Thanks for sharing your birthday party decor with us at Project Inspire{d}! Now I can’t wait to see what you link up next week!!

  2. Stopping by from THE PARTY BUNCH LINK PARTY. I love the clipboards behind the paper airplanes. Such a creative idea to use those. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this! My son’s nursery is airplane themed because my husband is a pilot so I love this. I’m pinning for next year…this year we had to do Daniel Tiger 🙂

  4. So fun! Love the details, yet it’s so simple! Living in a house of boys, I’ll have to remember the airplane theme. Thanks for sharing at Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  5. You’re so clever. I absolutely store all the decorations. And Happy Birthday to the little man. My son will turn 1 this August and phew time does fly by!

  6. I love the paper airplane theme (used it in my little boy’s room) and these decorations are so so cute Amy! Happy Birthday to your little one! They grow too fast 🙂

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