15 Creative Cork Ideas

INSIDE : Wine Cork Crafts might be one of the easiest craft supplies to use but check out the other creative Cork Craft Ideas that you could also make! 

Wine Cork Crafts

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What crafts can you make out of cork?

I love all cork materials.  It can be such a simple product to use, but has so much to offer!  I have done quite a few projects using cork over the years, from using wine corks as mini flower vases, creating painted coasters, to creatively making shaped bulletin boards and fun wall decor.  

What can I do with leftover wine cork?

Don’t get me started on wine bottle cork projects… they are endless!  After enjoying a lovely bottle of wine or simply buying a packet of cork tops, you can make all kinds of things.

Once your done with a bottle wine, be sure to set aside your bottle’s cork and allow to dry a bit. It may also need just a light cleaning if there is a little wine still on it. But overall, you may start your next craft project right away!

What is the best glue to use on cork projects?

There are many different types of glues that work well with cork. A few of my favorite options are hot glue if your project is fairly simple. If you are making something a bit more complicated that maybe needs some extra holding power, you might want to try e6000 or possibly some Gorilla Clear Glue.

Today I have rounded up 15 Creative Cork Ideas and honestly, you should give one a try! I can’t wait to see what you make.

15 Creative Cork Ideas

Wine Cork Crafts might be one of the easiest craft supplies to use but check out the other creative Cork Craft Ideas that you could also make!

Hexagon Cork Board :
Create a fun hexagon grid to hang all your inspirational items.

Cork hexagon board

What are the best cork supplies?

DIY Cork Clutch

If this isn’t the most adorable clutch idea ever!


Felt + Cork Donut Coasters :
Talk about a simple but fun craft project for kids to play with!  These donuts are adorable.


DIY Geometric Coasters :
This has long been one of my favorite coaster projects.  I adore the unique shape of the coaster and the paint colors are just so good!


Easy Colorful Triangle Cork Board :
Stack them up!  Create yourself a small little island to tack all your important notes to.

Easy-Colorful-Cork board, @Delineateyourdwelling

Woven Cork Trivet :
UHM, this is amazing!  What a great way to use strips of cork.

Woven Cork

Brushstroke Gold Cork Board :
Get organized with a little bit of glam in your life.

DIY Brushstroke Gold Cork Board
Cork 3D-Tannenbaum-Pinnwand

Cork Tree :
This is such a fun little project idea.  It would be such a good craft for around the winter holiday season.

Creative Asterisk Board :
Take your organization to the next level with this fun asterisk star shaped board!

Creative Asterisk Cork Board

DIY Triangle Trivets for Shrimp Salad Circus :
Trivets are so essential when hosting and cooking meals so why not add a little drama to yours!


DIY Cork Clock :
Sign me up for a wall clock made out of cork, gorgeous!

diy-cork clock

Colorful Striped Coasters :
Summer is more fun with stripes.



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  1. Aaahhh, thank you for including my triangle trivets in this great roundup! Each project is better than the last! I especially love the clock and the clutch! <3

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