Creative Asterisk Cork board

With school in session for some and coming soon for the rest, I’ve been on a big back-to-school kick!  Plus, I just love walking the school supply aisles.  A few weeks ago, I was at Target and found a package of hexagon cork board and I swear it jump right into my cart.  Today I am sharing how that hexagon cork board transformed into my Creative Asterisk Cork Board.

Creative Asterisk Cork Board,

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supply list

*Hexagon Cork Board
Ruler + Pen
Acrylic Paint + Brush
X.Acto Knife

Creative Asterisk Cork Board supplies

Using the ruler, mark your cut lines at each point of the *hexagon.  Then, very carefully (please watch those fingers!) follow your lines with an x.acto knife.

Creative Asterisk Cork Board cut lines

Then, apply two coats of your favorite colored acrylic paint.  I choose to do a bright pink on the sides and a aqua on the top.

Creative Asterisk Cork Board steps

Asterisk Cork Board creative

I love the cheerful contrast of color.  And it would look lovely on your wall even without notes and pictures pinned to it.

Creative Asterisk Cork Board zoom

Asterisk Cork Board


Creative Asterisk Cork Board,

I only made one of these, but how fun would a few different colors and sizes be all grouped together on a wall?  I think I have a fun weekend DIY coming up!

And I made THIS awesome cork board project from the cutout pieces of this project!  Head over to check it out.

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