DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

Parties.  I love dreaming up ideas, I love creating and I love executing them.  And when I can do it on a budget it’s even better!!  Today, I am sharing my next #12MonthsofMartha post on how to create the cutest DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner for practically nothing!

DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner, Delineate Your Dwelling
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supply listPolka Dot Tissue Paper / Martha Stewart Fringe Cutting Tool / Gold Scissors
Yarn / Scotch Tape

DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner supplies

First, determine the size you want for your Tissue Paper Banner.  Fold the Polka Dot Tissue Paper in half and cut to size, leaving the top as the fold.

Next, insert 4-6 sheets of tissue paper into your Martha Stewart Fringe Cutting Tool.  Read directions on changing the fringe size.  It is very simple to use and I’m ready to fringe everything in sight now!  Cut your tissue paper accordingly.

DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

You are left with lovely little fringed folded triangles, so it’s time to get on making that banner!  I wanted the yarn and embellishments to be the color pop, so I choose a pretty coral pink colored yarn for the banner string.  Simply tape the tissue paper onto your yarn.  (My dachshund tape dispenser is no longer available, but you can still get this adorable French Bull Dog.)

Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

I love layering banners, so I made two strands and hung them at different heights.

Fringed Tissue Paper Banner2

Then I added in pink and red straws that I strung together.  And lastly, added in a white pom pom string from Target’s dollar section.

Fringed Tissue Paper Banner4

All of the texture and color are the perfect DIY party touch and it if you are able to use most of the materials from home like I was able to, this little fringed tissue paper banner costs under $16!

Create a DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

Create a DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

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Thank you to Martha Stewart for supplying the craft materials used on this project.  From the brushes to the paints, as you can imagine, Martha sells only the highest quality products and I love them!

7 thoughts on “DIY Fringed Tissue Paper Banner

    1. Thanks Victoria! I love easy layering for parties… it always makes the decorations seem more fancy when really they aren’t! 😉

  1. So pretty and love the touch of the pom-pom trim! Did you have any issue with your tissue paper ripping? I’ve had trouble using mine with tissue paper but it works great with cardstock and mylar. I read if you sandwich the tissue paper between two pieces of copy paper and then put it in the fringe too. I tried it and it helps!

    1. I did notice some small ripping when I only used a few sheets of tissue paper. I’m excited to try it using a heavy paper now! =)

    1. I can’t wait to try a little thicker paper next time! But yes, this fringe cutter was a cinch to use!

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