Stamped Tribal Clutch

I am beyond excited to share that I’ve joined with the 2015 creative team over at Martha Stewart to participate in 12 Months of Martha!  What is that, you ask?  Each month I will receive a box of Martha Stewart craft products and am asked to create something unique and beautiful.  I whole heartedly said, “Yes please!“.

This month I recieved all kinds of fun core crafting products from paints, to decoupage and fringe scissors.  Today I am sharing how I used those products to create a Stamped Tribal Clutch.

Stamped Tribal Clutch,
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supply listBurlap Clutch *similar
Faux Leather fabric
Sponge Brush
Martha Stewart Decoupage, Matte Finish
Martha Stewart craft paints
Sponge (not pictured)

Stamped Clutch supplies

Using a regular sponge, I cut it into various shapes (triangles, diamonds and narrow lines) to stamp my patterns onto the clutch.  Using a small dollop of Martha Stewart paints, I dipped my sponge into the paint and applied to the burlap.  I really loved how smooth and rich the paint came out.

Stamped Clutch steps,

I knew for certain that I wanted to cover up the interior of the clutch.  It came with a BOLD leopard print and although some ladies can totally rock that, it didn’t work for me.

I laid down a section of faux leather fabric and traced the shape of my clutch onto it.

Stamped Clutch interior

I cut out where the magnetic latch was located and then used fabric fusion to secure the faux leather in place.  The leather only goes a few inches past the opening, but the fabric fusion should hold it in place perfectly.

Stamped Clutch interior steps
I love the new leather interior look now.

Tribal Clutch,

Stamped Clutch inside,

I also spray painted the wooden button gold and added four simple white paper squares using Martha Stewart’s decoupage.

Stamped Clutch,

I’m officially in love with this clutch now!

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Thank you to Martha Stewart for supplying the craft materials used on this project.  From the brushes to the paints, as you can imagine, Martha sells only the highest quality products and I love them!

35 thoughts on “Stamped Tribal Clutch

  1. Fantastic project! Where did the burlap clutch come from? I’d love to make this or similar for my three daughter-in-loves!

  2. Beautiful and creative DIY (as always). Stopping by to let you know that I’m featuring this post tomorrow night at the Create & Share Link Party (7:00 PM MST)! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see what you share with us this week. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, T’onna! It’s my first tribal pattern project and I’m in love… now I’m ready to cover everything in sight!

  3. This is SO cute! I love the colors and patterns you chose for this. Congrats on being a part of 12 Months of Martha! Can’t wait to see next month’s project!

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