Geometric Clay Jar

Father’s Day is approaching and let’s be honest.  How many dads out there would like a Mason Jar filled with candy and a label saying, “You’re my Hero” wrapped with baker’s twine?  Totally awesome if your dad would love that, my hub… not so much.  With that being said, I could not be more proud and in love with my husband and the amazing father he is to our two kiddos.

This upcoming father’s day, I joyfully celebrate him and all he does for our family.  To celebrate him, I wanted to make something personal that I know he would enjoy.  My guy knows cool and he’s pretty up to date with what’s going on, so I decided to make him a small Geometric Clay Jar.

Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
kitchen knife
white spray paint
1. Purchase Crayoloa Air Dry Clay.
2. Remove a medium sized chunk of clay from the container (and be sure to put lid back on, so as to not dry all the clay out.)
3. Form into whatever shape you like, I made mine into a small side jar.
4. Put clay in a safe place and wait 24 hours to allow for slight drying.
5. Using a kitchen knife, carefully cut away at the clay jar until you receive your desired spare.
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
Once my clay was dry, it still had a light gray color to it, so I used white flat spray paint and brighten it up.  I also colored in three areas on the clay jar with my gold foil paint pen.
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot

Here are a few ways that your hubs could use this lovely geometric clay jar.

a. A container to hold all his button-up collared shirt stays.
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
b. As a coin holder
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
c. As a key holder.
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot
Geometric Clay Jar, Delineate Your Dwelling #geometric #clay jar #pot

No matter the use you select, this is a project that would warm any father’s heart!

So regardless if you have a wonderful father or less than desirable father, 
take these words to heart and know you have a Father who will never disappoint.
2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show 
that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

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    Clay totally freaks me out, but I actually think I could do this!

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