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Today I am touching on a hot topic in my home, the toys clutter that seems endless!  I will be sharing one super simple technique I have been using to help contain the clutter in a pretty way.  Get ready for how to line with fabric an everyday basket without any sewing!  Yes, you heard me right, simple instructions and step by step details on how to make No Sew Basket Liners.

No sew basket liner,
We have two little babies and OHHHH the toys.  The toys that somehow spread throughout the entire home. The toys that I swear multiple during the night at rapid speeds!   I’m working on some toy rearranging in our living room and bought a handful of new baskets to help with this new method of “toy play” which you can see here, Living Room Toy Storage.

The new baskets were lacking a little something and I kept having to pull small toys out that had slipped into the basket weave.  SO, I decided to sew some basket liners… but I’m not a very good seamstress, so I found an easy solution!

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Fabric \ Sewing Scissors \ Measuring Tape

Hem TapeBaskets

delineate your dwelling
This tutorial consists of making two long strips of fabric and laying them on each other in the basket.  The ties help keep them in place.
To start, using a flexible measuring tape, take measurements of:
1.  The outside bottom to the top of the basket.
2. On the inside, from top to bottom.
3. Across the bottom of the basket.
4. Up the inside, from bottom to top.
5. On the outside, from top to bottom.
6. Across the top width and then add one inch to that last measurement.
After adding these all up, this is the measurement for your first strip.  Mine was 30″ by 11″ wide (including that extra inch at the end).  Repeat this process if you do not have a square basket.  If square, then you will do two of the same sized strips.
delineate your dwelling

After your strips are cut out, mark a half inch on all sides and iron down this seam.

This step is not a necessity, but if you cut corners on a diagonal, it will give a cleaner look and not be as bulky looking.
Then, cut the hem tape to the length of each side and iron the appropriate time to activate tape.  (I love not sewing!)  This completes one panel.
Repeat this process for your second panel.
Once both panels are completed, lay them inside your basket one at a time with the pattern facing up. You might have to do a little situating to get them to lay nice and flat but if you did your measurements correctly, they should fit well.
Next, cut some ribbon or in my case, baker’s twine.  I cut mine about 8″ long and tied a small knot at one end.  Using hot glue, just glue one end to the inside flap of your liner.  Do this all the way around with all eight corners.
Tie into a simple bow and you are done!
no sew basket liner steps
I made two of these easy no-sew basket liners and it probably took me 45 minutes total… and that was with two small kiddos running underfoot!
So simple, so easy.




34 thoughts on “No Sew Basket Liners

  1. Amy, I love this! Turned out so great and anything that says “no sew” is immediately something I’m hooked on. I’ll do some stitching but as I said in my food felt project, I’d rather watch paint dry ;D Thank you for this!!! Will have to try it!

  2. Haha.. I clicked on your link from a link party to ask you to come and link up at Link It Or Lump it…… now laughing that it is you that made this!! I love it!! Seriously great tutorial and awesome fabric choice

    1. Thanks so much, Sharon! I’ve had the fabric for a while, so I don’t remember exactly… but I only get fabric at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn, so one of those!

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