Winter BirdHouse

 Today I am sharing how to turn a birdhouse into a festive WINTER Birdhouse.
Winter Birdhouse,
This fall I was cruising the aisles of Hobby Lobby and found this sweet bird house.  It was unpainted and I grabbed it up at a mere $2.99.  I knew at once I wanted to transform it into a sweet little Winter Birdhouse.
My first step was to spray paint my little house white.  I taped off the metal tin roof and painted away.
plain house,
I added a few gold details because my life honestly revolves around how many things I can make gold colored, sad but true.  I painted the doors around the bird house, the steeple and a few details along the base.
Then, I attached a lace trim, followed then by a red + white ribbon.  I attached them using a hot.glue gun.
Winter Birdhouse details,
I felt it was still lacking something and wanted to bring some natural elements to it.  I kept debating adding twigs somewhere, but ended up with a soft green mossy base to the bird house.  I’m so happy I went that route.
I added one more tiny pop of color to the base with some red pom ribbon I had on hand.

Perfecto.  My sweet little Winter Bird House!

Are you all still doing Christmas crafts halfway through December like me?  Please, let me know that I’m not the only one!


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