I published my blog post. Now what? Tips for Social Media Blog Promotion

So often bloggers stress about coming up with an idea, executing said idea, taking pictures, editing pictures, writing a blog post and clicking publish.  Phew, you can finally cross that one off the list…  But not so fast, the real work has just begun.  Today I am sharing, I published my blog post.  Now what?  Tips for Social Media Blog Promotion.

Tips for Social Media Blog Promotion, Delineate Your Dwelling

The morning after a post goes live, is when it really comes alive through scheduling and promoting out in the social media world.  When I first started blogging, it would take me two+ hours to do all the “social media marketing stuff” I did.  With time, I slowly learned how to be more productive and efficient.   With a few HUGE tips, I now can wake up and have all my main promotion stuff done in about an hour max!

Link Parties, Social Media Blog Promotion

Tip 1 : DAILY LINK PARTIES (morning routine – 0 to 5 minutes spent)
(2018 update – LINK PARTIES  are not nearly what they used to be, but you can still benefit from them now and again.  I still link up at 2 parties a week.)

If you don’t know what a link party is, they are typically a weekly posts where the hosting blogger allows you to “link up” your past week’s creative DIYs, crafts, recipes, etc.  I normally don’t see tons of traffic from simply linking up at a party, however if you are one of the featured bloggers the following week, you can see some decent traffic.  And the bigger the bloggers hosting the party are, the more traffic you will see.

Most bloggers have a link somewhere on their site, stating where “they party”.  This is a great way to find new link parties to join in on.   Many of these link parties start in the evening, so it’s not typically something that you need to sit down in the morning and set aside hours to link up to every single party going on.

Also, after a few weeks of joining in on these parties, you’ll notice which ones you gain traffic from and which ones you don’t.  It’s best to quit spending your valuable time linking up to non traffic driving parties.

Tip 2 : SOCIAL MEDIA CHECKLISTS (morning routine – 30-45 minutes spent)
Instagram –

Oh Instagram.  I have such a love/hate relationship with the Insta!  I wrote about switching to a business account and my best IG tips here, but goodness with algorithms things are changing all the time it seems.  I think it’s important to share consistently on Instagram, whatever that looks like to you.  You can follow me here.

Pinterest – 
I was previously HUGE on using BoardBooster to help grow my Pinterest traffic and help with pinning consistently.  Since Pinterest came out specifically saying, DO NOT USE BoardBooster and then BB straight up shutting down, I’ve moved on.  HA.

I am now using Tailwind and although there is a learning curve after using BoardBooster for so many years, I am really liking it.  Each time I have a new post go live, I go in and schedule my pins in Tailwind.  I also am really liking the Tribes feature of Tailwind.  If you decide to sign up, I’d love you to use my affiliate link.

Then, I schedule to Facebook, G+ and Twitter.  I schedule on Facebook using their scheduler.  And then I use Hootsuite for Twitter and G+.  Scheduling all these items only takes me maybe 10 to 15 minutes now that I have a system down.

Tip 3 : SUBMISSION SITES (morning routine – 15 minutes spent)
Ah, lovely submission sites.  Some folks gain great traffic from simply doing the top two tips I mentioned.  However, I also gain A LOT of daily traffic from submitting my projects on various submission sites.  These sites will greatly depend on your blog niche.  Some of very favorites for my particular (crafty/DIY) niche are Craftgawker, Dwelling Gawker, Tip Junkie’s FB page (so much easier to just share a link there than submit it on her site), and Craft Gossip.  You’ll see me submitting to these sites every single week!

Tip 4 : SUBMISSION SITES (weekly routine – 60 minutes spent)
I have been steadily growing my email newsletter list.  I try to send out a new newsletter each week, typically on Tuesday mornings.  This is a space I use to keep readers updated on the recent blog on-goings, but also a place to share behind the scene, insider type info.  You can sign up for my newsletter here to check it out.  You also can get access to my entire DYD Printable Library as a thank you for signing up.

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32 thoughts on “I published my blog post. Now what? Tips for Social Media Blog Promotion

    1. Thanks for asking Emily! So submission sites are just sites that you can “submit” your creative content to. Some sites have requirements and will not necessarily accept all of your posts. But they are good places to share your projects and get more eyes able to see what you are making/creating/doing. Does that help?

  1. These are great tips! I need to look into that blog planner to start getting things in order. I’m pretty new to the whole blogging thing and feel like I’m learning so much from posts like this! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Lauren! Honestly, the planner is awesome but if you’re needing some hand holding (and I TOTALLY did) the e.guide that comes with it, is SO SO helpful. I read it over like 8 times!

  2. Hi Amy,
    I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the posts you’ve been submitting to our Inspiration section. Blitsy has over 1,000,000 crafters visit each month! As one of the co-founders of Blitsy it makes my heart happy to see talented bloggers like you posting about us (we are using your tips, too!) I’d like to send you a crafty gift just for being awesome! I’ll shoot you an email as well so I can get your address. Happy Crafting!

    1. You are too kind, Katy!! I love your site and am happy to help promote it. I’ll send you my address in your email. Thanks.

  3. Hi Amy!

    I love your post and I am definitely pinning this for later! I’ve tried tailwind for pinterest promotions but wasn’t that impressed with the results. I will have to give Board Booster a try! I am getting ready to start a new linkup party this Tuesday at 7pm CST with Refresh Living and we would love to have you join us! Thank you!


    1. I’ve heard good things overall about Tailwind, but never used it myself. At least you can try Board Booster for 100 free pins to see if you like it!

  4. Great tips! I’m pinning this post. I have been interested in Board Booster but haven’t used it yet. Stopping by from Share the Wealth Sunday!

    The Frugal Ginger

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ashley! I really love BB and it has so many helpful functions, too… definitely worth checking out.

  5. Thanks for these great tips. I just started to organise sharing my posts and this really helped me add some new steps to my list.

    1. So glad to hear it was helpful Joor! It just takes a little time to organize but it’s so helpful in the long run!

  6. Great tips! As a new blogger I find it is really easy to get overwhelmed at times, so I always love getting good pointers! Sharing this, thanks!

    Visiting from the Pin Junkie blog party

    1. Any time, Jody! It’s intimidating as a new blogger. I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way! Thanks for leaving a comment. =)

    1. We all learn the basics first, you’ll get the hang of it Cristina! Thanks for leaving a comment. =)

    1. Thanks Krista! I need to get better with just my time management… I think moving across the country and blogging and being a mama to two littles is proving to be too much for me, ha!

  7. Love this, Amy!! Thanks for the tips! I know some of these … it’s just finding time and a routine to get them done! Thanks for the giveaway, too!!

  8. Great tips, Amy! So, how to you submit to Tip Junkie’s fB page? Do you just write a post on her timeline? Never heard of doing that!

    1. Yes, she says to just write a post on the timeline. I write it almost exactly the same as I would if it was on my page. So much easier!!

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