Delineate meaning

INSIDE: Ever wondered about the delineate meaning or how to use it in a sentence and what are other words to use then this post will be helpful to you!

What does delineate mean?

Great question!  I have been surprised how many times people I mention my blog name, Delineate Your Dwelling and people look blankly at me, not really knowing what does “delineate” mean.

The dictionary states that delineate is a verb, used with an object and it has two meanings.  

  1. It can mean to trace the outline of something, as in to trace or sketch.  
  2. It also can mean to portray in words or describe something with detail.

How do you pronounce delineate?

To pronounce delineate in English you say, ‘duh-lin-eee-ate’.  

Some people actually say they think my blog is pronounced, dee-LINE-ate… close, but incorrect.

What are synonyms for delineate?

Synonyms are words or phrases that have the same or nearly the same meaning as another word or phrase. They can be used to add variety to your writing or to make your meaning more precise.

Here are some synonyms for delineate –

  • define
  • depict
  • describe
  • distinguish
  • draw
  • identify
  • illustrate
  • indicate
  • outline
  • portray
  • represent
  • sketch

What are antonyms for delineate?

  • blur
  • confuse
  • distort
  • obscure
  • vague



de·​lin·​eate di-ˈli-nē-ˌāt  

delineated; delineating

1 to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail

  • delineate a character in the story
  • delineate the steps to be taken by the government

2 a to indicate or represent by drawn or painted lines

2 b to mark the outline of

  • lights delineating the narrow streets

Delineate Your Dwelling – To me, it has quite a bit of special meaning. As my business name, I spent weeks and weeks trying to hone in on the perfect name to describe my creative ideas.  However, before we get into the meaning behind my blog name, let’s do a quick dive into more about the word “delineate”.

What does ‘well delineated’ mean?

Well delineated means that something has been clearly portrayed and accurately described or represented. It can be used to describe anything from a character in a novel to the steps of a scientific experiment.

For example, you might say that a novel has well-delineated characters if the author has clearly described their personalities, motivations and relationships with each other. Or you might say that a scientific experiment has well-delineated steps if the author has clearly outlined the procedures that were followed and the results that were obtained.

Here are some more examples of how the phrase “well delineated” can be used:

  • The author’s description of the setting was well delineated.
  • The lawyer’s argument was well delineated and persuasive.
  • The architect’s plans for the new building were well delineated.
  • The company’s mission statement was well delineated and easy to understand.

In general, something that is well delineated is easy to understand and visualize. It has clear boundaries and definitions, and it is not ambiguous or confusing.

How do you use delineate in a sentence?

Since delineate is a verb, it can be used in sentences as the action portion.  Here are a few examples of delineate being an action.

  • He set up a fence all around his home, so he could better delineate the edge of his property.
  • Could you please delineate where each specific color will be used on the paper with a line to mark the difference?
  • I have delineated our schedules on the calendar so we all know which chores are being done.

What is another word for delineate?

Other words that could be used for delineate are

  • describe
  • define
  • portray
  • sketch
  • chart
  • depict
  • draw
  • outline
  • render
  • represent
  • detail
  • trace
  • mark
  • allocate
  • set
  • explain
  • map out
  • clarify
  • illustrate

What are crossword clues for delineate?

  • Draw the outline of (6 letters)
  • Describe (8 letters)
  • Define (7 letters)
  • Sketch (6 letters)
  • Portray (7 letters)
  • Represent (8 letters)
  • Map out (6 letters)
  • Set forth (6 letters)
  • Define the boundaries of (6 letters)
  • Draw the lines of (6 letters)
  • Outline the details of (7 letters)
  • Describe in detail (8 letters)

What is the meaning of delineate for my blog?

I often have readers tell me they are doing to “delineate” their home or that they “delineated” their craft project.  In that case they are referring to my creative blog, Delineate Your Dwelling and how they will add creativity or color to their decor.

I love hearing that because it is the exact reason I choose the word delineate.  For eight years prior to starting this home decor + lifestyle blog I worked as a landscape architect.  Although much of my work was done on a computer screen, I often drew and rendered things by hand.  

I choose the word delineate because when I was drawing out sketches as a landscape architect, I was helping guide a design decision.  I was representing pictorially the ideas and concepts we were suggesting for a city park.  I feel the same thing with this blog.  

My hope is that my words help guide you along with design choices for the most important place to a person, their home – their dwelling.

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