Lime Mint Freeze beverage

INSIDE : See how to make a refreshing and tasty Lime Mint Freeze beverage that is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day. You will be wanting more.

See how to make a refreshing and tasty Lime Mint Freeze beverage that is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.  You will be wanting more. Delineate Your Dwelling #limedrink #summerdrink

Yum, serious yum.  I’m feeling summer in a big way and decided it was time to start enjoying those summer flavors in a big way, too!  I was so inspired by the Must Drink Lemonade Recipes, that I knew a few tasty drinks needed to happen in my kitchen.  Now, if you love Lime and love a little mint…. and love refreshing drinks during the heat of the day, then this is for you.  Today, I am sharing my take on a Lime Mint Freeze beverage.

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What ingredients do I need to make Lime Mint Freezes?

Fresh Mint
One Outshine Lime Fruit Bar
1 Can of La Croix Apricot Sparkling Water
Citrus Squeeze

Lime Mint Freeze Drink Supplies
First things first, I love limes.  The smell of them makes my mouth water instantly.  When I saw a similar recipe on Whole Foods, I knew I needed to make it and add my own twist to it.  If you make this delicious drink, it takes more than 1 or 2 limes and after all that hand squeezing, you will be one sad cookie.  I always use a Citrus Squeeze and it makes the entire process 100 times better.

Outshine Fruit Bars are our favorite popsicles and I love that my kids always go for Peach, Lime or Coconut.  I just bought Pineapple at the store yesterday, so we are excited to try that flavor out as well.  So, when the recipe called for a lime fruit bar, Outshine was sitting in my freezer already.  I knew it’s wasn’t too sweet and would be perfect for this application.

Lime Apricot Mint drink

Lime Mint Freeze Drink recipe

Lime Apricot Freeze Drink, perfect for summer
Another tweak I made to the recipe was with using Apricot Sparkling Water.  The recipe called for plain sparkling water, but I can’t stand plain sparkling water… I did however have Apricot LaCroix Sparkling Water in my fridge, so once again it was a win win for me!

I thought it ever so slightly toned down the lime flavor and introduced Apricot as a very refreshing and light fruit flavor addition.

Lime Apricot Mint Freeze

Delicious Summer Lime Mint Freeze drink, Delineate Your Dwelling
My kids guzzled this lime freeze right up and I don’t blame them one little bit.  It was full of citrus zest, very refreshing and perfect for summer days!

No brands sponsored this post in any way, I just really really love Outshine and Lacroix.  Have you tried either of these delicious items?

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    1. It was so refreshing… and now I’m ready for hot humid days so I can have another! HA.

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