Blue Colored Mason Jar wall

INSIDE : Learn how to create a beautiful Blue colored Mason Jar wall board. It’s perfect to hold flowers and other items.

Blue Mason Jar Wall hanging

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This post has been updated since it’s original April 2014 publish date.

I am participating in a creative Pinterest Challenge with eight other amazing bloggers and today am I sharing my 4th project with you, How to make a Blue Colored Mason Jar wall!  

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What supplies do you need to make a Mason Jar Wall Hanging?

How to add mason jars to a board

First, I found a beautiful piece of Pine wood at Home Depot and decided to give it a light white wash.  

I wanted to see some of the grain shine through, so I mixed one part white acrylic paint and one part water. And then painted it onto my board.

Next, I added a little gold to the edges of the board using Gold foil paint.

To attach your wire ring to the board to hold the mason jars, you have to use a diamond drill bit to cut through the metal.  

I predrilled holes on the board after measuring where each mason jar would go.  Then, using a short screw I attached the metal rings to your board. And attach all the metal rings.

The final step is to add the blue mason jars!

And if you want to add a little extra fun, you can add embellishments like paper flowers or any other creative add-on!

I’m really excited to hang this in our office + guest room.  I’ll be sharing soon the updates I’m giving to that room.  Guest Room + Office final reveal is here!


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