DIY Paint Splattered Clutch

INSIDE : Learn how to create a modern Paint Splattered Clutch to take your style to the next level with this easy handmade craft project.

Paint Splattered Clutch

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I’m back at it today with another splatter project!  Last week, I shared my new White Dash Jeans, which I am obsessed with.  Now I am kind of excited about this 80’s paint splatter trend that I’m seeing pop up all over the place.  Today I am sharing part 2 of a 5 series and it’s all about this fun DIY Paint Splattered Clutch!

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Splatter Jeans
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What supplies do I need to make a Paint Splatter Clutch bag?

Clutch (similar here, here and here)
White Acrylic Paint 
Lime Sherbet + Lime Tree Paint
Textile Medium 
Paint Brush

DIY Paint Splattered Clutch supplies

Ready for the world’s easiest DIY tutorial?  Those are my favorite kind.

How do I make a Paint Splatter Clutch purse?

Start by squeezing a small/medium sized amount of your green paint on a paint tray.  Next mix in an equal amount of textile medium, as per the directions instruct.  This helps keep the paint from cracking after it dries.  Now, add in just a smidge of water to your paint… this really makes the splattering work easier.

Next, place your clutch bag on a piece of large cardboard or plastic to keep paint for splattering on your table.  

Ready for the last and most complex step?  Splatter your paint.  I started splattering with my most bold color, then added in the softer shade of green.  I finished with splattering in the white paint.

Trendy Paint Splattered Clutch steps

I added a $3 gold tassel from Target’s Dollar Spot and whipped up a quick green pom pom and attached both of them to my clutch’s handle.

Paint Splattered Clutch

80’s inspired Paint Splatter Clutch purse

Paint Splattered Clutch

I am so so so in love with this clutch. I took a rather plain clutch and really gave it some cheerful personality!!  And you can never go wrong by adding a pom pom to something.

Splattered Clutch
80's Paint Splattered Clutch

Am I starting to sway you to the splatter trend yet?

80's Splattered Clutch

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  1. I love the splattered effect and the clutch! Very cute.

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