10 Steps Every Crafter Goes Through

Truth time.  I know it is not just me.  Every one goes through a bit of self doubt halfway through their project and then someone is able to rally through and come out the other side!  Today I am sharing the 10 Steps Every Crafter Goes Through… tell me if you have felt similarly at some point!

The 10 Basic Steps that every crafter goes through during the course of a craft project! Delineate Your Dwelling

Rattan Pencil Cases

Step 1:
You come up with the most brilliant idea.

Crafting Steps How to Grow a Pineapple stepsHow to Grow a Pineapple

Step 2:
You head out to go purchase the supplies.

Crafting Steps Camping themed Birthday Cake suppliesCamping Themed Birthday Cake

Step 3 :
You get even more excited as the supplies are better than you could have ever dreamed of.

Crafting Steps Lime Mint Freeze SuppliesLime Mint Freeze Beverage

Step 4 :
You excitedly get started crafting.

Crafting Steps DIY Floral Painted Box StepsFloral Painted Wooden Box

Step 5 :
 Suddenly things go badly, so very quickly.

Crafting Steps Globe Flower Vase stepsGlobe Flower Vase

Step 6 :
You hate this brilliant idea and almost throw it in the trashcan.

Crafting Steps Marbled Party Cup StepsMarbled Party Cups

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Step 7  :
You step away to gain some perspective.

Crafting Steps DIY Fringed Tissue Paper BannerFringed Banner

Step 8 :
You realize you left the hot glue gun on and come back to turn it off… but suddenly you see your craft and have fresh eyes.

Crafting Steps Lounge Pillow StepsTassel Lounge Pillow

Step 9 :
Everything makes sense again in the world.  Glue is flying.  Glitter is sparkling…

Crating Steps Four Leaf CloverFour Leaf Clover Mini Planters

Step 10 :
 Your finished product looks like a masterpiece… or close enough to a masterpiece!  It. Is. Finished.

Crafting Steps DIY Fall Party Glassware CenterpieceColorful Glassware

HA. Can you relate??



  1. The only thing for me you forgot is that I’m still frustrated when I unplug the glue gun and the project sits for a few days. Then I find something else to get excited about and get/gather the supplies for it. Start it; get frustrated; go back to the other project; get re-frustrated; and now my situation is compounded by more stuff that isn’t working out.
    It seems that I never get anything done when it comes to crafting. 🙁

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh noooo! Sometimes you do need a few days before you can fully see a project through. Keep at it, Maureen!! xo

  2. Haha YES! This describes my crafting process to a T. Even the part about leaving the glue gun plugged in (how did you know??). I might even add some alcohol consumption in there if it’s a really bad crafting day, lol. But I wouldn’t stop crafting for the world, it always turns out worth it!! xoxo

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      A glass of wine is always a good thing, crafting or not! HA. Keep up the great work, friend.

  3. Love it Amy because it is all true ( yep I always leave the glue gun on !!)

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Hee hee! So true, right! 😉

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