7 tips to Slow Down during the Christmas Season

INSIDE : Learn these 7 tips to Slow Down during the Christmas Season. What good is time off from work with family and friends, if you are more busy, hectic and stressed during the Holidays!  Make plans to enjoy the winter break this year.

Simple Christmas Tree

This post has been updated since it’s original December 2016 publish date.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….”  these are words I am striving to actually feel this year.  I have eluded to it in my Thoughtful Holiday Decorating post and in my Meaningful Holiday Cheer newsletter, but something in me this holiday season is saying slow down and simplify.

Why slow down during the Christmas Season?

I think it is due to a number of personal things in our life, but without fully even realizing the ‘why’ until very recently, I knew I needed to scale back on the crazy and savor the small moments.  Today I am sharing how I am attempting to thoughtfully Slow Down during the Christmas Season.

The Good News

I am here to say – it’s actually doable to decorate your home, bake cookies, enjoy Christmas movies, read holiday books, teach your children the real meaning of Christmas, buy + wrap gifts for friends and family… and feel slow, relaxed and joyful.

It sometimes feels as if I am in a huge crowd yelling the opposite message of everyone around me. Christmas is typically the season of busy, buying, hustling, bustling and shopping till you drop.  

However, I feel closer to accomplishing a December slowness that I have wanted for the last few years and I want to share how.

How to Slow Down during the Holidays


It sounds so obvious, but it has taken me a long time to actually narrow down my plan of slowing down.  Having younger children, I let myself get so excited about starting holiday traditions with them, that I suddenly found myself doing ALL of the traditions.

-Wrap 25 books and open one each night to read aloud?  Yes, done.
-Bake every holiday cookie ever known to mankind?  Yes, done.
-Deck the halls, watch the movies, see nightly light displays while in our pjs AND drinking hot chocolate….. done, done, done and done.

Before you know it, you’re completely exhausted and it’s only December 8th.  (I know because that was me two years ago.)

So around Thanksgiving time, possibly even earlier, sit down and decide what you really want your Christmas season to look like.  Then be ready to hold fast to it.

My husband is nearing the end of a two year phd program, so my plan this Christmas was family time.  ‘No’ to extras and ‘yes’ to family.  Yes to family slowing down together.  We’ve not been able to do ‘together’ all too much during the last year and a half, so together time is needed for us.

Christmas Mantle Decorations


Oh, this is where it starts to get hard.  This is where “traditions” and “obligations” and all the like, start really pulling on you.  In order to continue on with your plan of slowing down, you HAVE to let things go.

  • Decide ahead of time, how many parties you will attend during the month of December.  
  • Decide ahead of time, if you will make just a few homemade gifts versus all homemade gifts.
  • Decide ahead of time, how much of your home you will decorate.  
  • And then, let the rest of it go!

We had a business related party we needed to attend for my husband and all other parties this year, we have opted out of.  As I mentioned previously, we were in need of a “family together season”, so by all means attend more parties if your family is able.  (I LOVE parties and most years we’ve actually hosted holiday parties.) 

However, we needed less, we needed slow, we needed together.  So this is what we choose to do this year.

And because we’ve not filled every single moment on our calendar, we’ve been able to enjoy lovely time with dear friends, have had a few weekends of absolutely nothing but baking cookies and building legos and coloring and movies.  It’s been relaxed and so memorable.



I’m not sure if I have stepped into an actual store this entire month (Okay, Target and the grocery store). Typically I love the hustle bustle, but I planned and purchased nearly every gift from the comfort of my sofa this year.

Check out my Holiday Shopping List printable.

There is no shame in not getting every single “bargain” and early morning “Black Friday” sale going on.  Gift purchasing alone has freed up quite a bit of my time and having Amazon ship the gifts right to my home or the recipient’s home is added bonus.

This is also a great way to stay on budget during Christmas.  It’s so much easier to over spend when in a store, but I find having to click on “my cart” and see all the items lined up with the total makes it much easier for me to say… okay, that’s not really needed and remove it from my total.

Thoughtful Christmas Mantle Decorations


I would really love to get a real Christmas tree but as magical and romantic as that sounds, it would have added more stress this year.  Our fake tree is perfectly fine and I lit a few evergreen scented candles and it was great.  I also really wanted to put up white lights outdoors this year, but I just did not have the energy to get it done.  

Guess what, it’s fine!  Keep your expectations realistic.  You can make your home lovely and cozy without going all out on every detail.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Decor, Delineate Your Dwelling

This year, I decorated our living room and it is wonderful.  But that is pretty much the end of the decor.  I normally want all the color, all the pom poms, all the fluff and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But this year, I wanted my holiday decor to reflect that slower pace.  It’s special but not over the top.


Guess what, electronic devices are taking over our lives.  I’m sure most of you feel the same way.

Commit to a holiday puzzle with your kids.  I KNOW!  A puzzle.  I just bought a 500 piece puzzle and little by little we will get it done.

This is time where you can organically do some of the traditions you actually enjoy doing.  Baking cookies, watching a movie all together, checking out Christmas lights, etc… when you have already spent time planning to slow down, letting go of un-needed tasks, being smart with your shopping, etc… then you have the time to unplug and enjoy your family.  Imagine that!

Thoughtful Evergreen Christmas decor


Maybe this one seems odd to include on a Christmas slow down list, but I’m a night owl and my natural instinct is to always stay up late.  Now that it’s dark so much earlier and cold outside, I’m making a conscience efforts to rest my body.

A rested body creates a more rested me in the morning and thus continues in helping me stay clam and relaxed during December.  Plus, with all the extra colds and sickness during the winter months, sleep is a great first start in keeping as healthy as possible.

This one is still a work in progress for me.  I’m probably going to add it to my New Year’s Resolution list.  I’m always tired and going to bed too late is 99% my fault.

Merry Christmas Decor

7. Keep your priorities focused on the real meaning of Christmas.

Don’t stress about your daily Holiday Activity Calendar.  

Don’t fret that you didn’t get out to make a snowman yet.  

Let go of your feeling of obligations.  

Slow down.  

Focus on counting your blessings and remembering what you are grateful for every day of the year. This will help you gain perspective on what the holiday season should really be about.

8. A recent updated tip, SELF CARE!

Self care can go a long way in helping us having a more intentional and meaningful holiday.  Read my huge list of Holiday Self-care Ideas here.

There you go, seven (eight) ways I have been trying to slow down during this Christmas Season.  This entire month has felt so wonderful that I am thinking I might adopt a slower December attitude from here on out.

How are you feeling this holiday?  Any additional tips for an enjoyable Christmas?  Share share below.  I’d love more ideas!

8 thoughts on “7 tips to Slow Down during the Christmas Season

  1. We haven’t gone to any parties this year either. And instead of driving around town and doing all the Christmas things, we picked our favorite two. We have spent lots of time cuddling up watching Christmas movies and it’s been so good. Now I just need to figure out how to work less (or more effectively or something… Ha! I’m trying!)

    1. Such a good idea to just pick 2 of your favorite things! Movies and cuddles are so good at this age with our kiddos. Argh and I always also working on the work less/more effectively thing – HA. Have a wonderful Christmas, Alexis!!

    1. Oh Sarah, you have been a powerhouse of amazing this season for sure!! I am so glad this post touched you. Two years ago I overdid blog related stuff and come early Dec, was SO TIRED and over it all. I vowed never again would I allow myself to get that over busy during Christmas. I feel like it took me a few years, but I really strived this year for enjoying the season but knowing my limits – which this year was basically just saying no to almost everything – HA. Hope you are able to relax and enjoy family and friends this year!! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing <3 I was much more deliberate this year with shutting things down after a certain date, and only leaving 2-3 posts after that before the new year.
    Taking the time to relax, unplug, and just wind-down is key!

    1. Ah, so glad to hear you will be taking some time off! I am off all next week and then have easy posts already written for the first week of January. Recharging is so important!

  3. Girl, YES. I’m so on board with this approach and I’m going to implement some of this now (mentally) for a successful season next year. Can we do this in January too??

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