Pastel Pumpkins

INSIDE : Learn how to bring a softer side to Halloween and the fall season this year with gorgeous Pastel Pumpkins.  In shades of lavender, peach and coral – you can make your pumpkins work for you this Autumn season!

DIY Painted Pastel Pumpkins

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I was so good this year and waited until early September until sharing my new pumpkin for the fall season!  It is still in the 90’s here in New Mexico, so although it doesn’t feel like the cool Fall season has arrived, it is time we can start decorating for all things cozy and Autumn in our homes!


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What supplies do I need to make Pastel Pumpkins?

White Pumpkins (I used raw ceramic pumpkins)
Acrylic Paints in soft pastel colors
Paint Brush
Paint Palette
Circular pounce brush

Pastel Pumpkin supplies

How do I make gorgeous Fall Pastel Pumpkins?

Start by selecting your paint colors.  I decided to do a light cream colored pumpkin, a peach pumpkin and a soft lavender pumpkin.

Pastel Pumpkin step1

Paint all of your pumpkins and allow them to fully dry.

Pastel Pumpkin step2

I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart’s 6 pack sponge pouncers and think they make the most lovely polka dots.  And they are such great quality, after I am done using them, I can wash them out, allow to dry and use again.

Pastel Pumpkin step3

I hand painted simply crosses on my cream pumpkin in a dark dark navy blue, almost black paint color.

Pastel Pumpkin step4

And my sweet little peach pumpkin got fun silver mini polka dots added to it!  I used a q-tip to create those small dots.

Pastel Pumpkins, cream with crosses, coral with polka dots

The final product is a soft but cheerful display of all kinds of wonderful pastel pumpkins for this Fall season!

And I’m so in love with my silver glittered Moon phase garland.  I think it’s the perfect addition to the fall feel.

Pastel Pumpkins, gold, lavender, peach, coral

Stick a few sprigs of Autumn leaves and some small golden pumpkins and you are set to create a lovely Fall pumpkin scene.

Pastel Pumpkins, lavender with polka dots

SUPPLIES - Faux Pumpkins, Paint Brushes, Pounce Brush + Acrylic Paint
Paint your pumpkins their base coat color.
Allow them to fully dry.
Using a small sized pouncer brush, add polka dots to your pumpkin.
You can also paint small crosses with a fine tipped brush.
You can even give some pumpkins a metallic polka dot.
Style your pastel pumpkins with faux greenery and a few mini pumpkins.
Enjoy your cheerful Fall decor!
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Pastel Pumpkins, gold, lavender and peach

Pastel Pumpkins


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