Must See – Sawmill District

INSIDE : Check out one of the hottest spots the Sawmill District, Albuquerque NM. With some of our best hospitality hotels, incredible local makers and an incredible food court, this area of Albuquerque is one that everyone should visit!

Must See hot spot Sawmill District, Albuquerque NM

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Whether you are passing through Albuquerque, have some time to spend in the 505 or are a local making sure to visit the Sawmill District of town is essential. I make sure all visitors I chat with get themselves down to this part of town at some point.

What is the Albuquerque Sawmill District?

The Albuquerque Sawmill District is a revitalized area just north of historic Old Town. It was once the site of the American Lumber Company, but is now being transformed into a very fun and trendy neighborhood with shops, dining and hotels.

The main attraction is the Sawmill Market, a 25,000 SF food hall. You can find a variety of local vendors offering everything from classic New Mexican fare to international cuisine. There are also bars, a gorgeous luxury – Hotel Chaco and art galleries to explore nearby. As well as loft-style housing and artist studios. The mix of residential, retail and commercial spaces is intended to create a vibrant and lively community.

So, whether you’re looking for a delicious meal, a unique shopping experience or a trendy place to live, the Albuquerque Sawmill District is worth checking out.

Albuquerque Sawmill Market

The Albuquerque Sawmill Market (now food court) was built on the site of an old sawmill.

In 1958 Frank Paxton’s Lumber Company built a lumber showroom and warehouse.

However, in the late 20th century the lumber industry started to decline and the entire area sadly became run down. In 1996 the Sawmill Community Land Trust was founded to help revitalize the neighborhood and in 2019 construction began to transform the old lumber warehouse into a trendy food hall with local vendors. In 2020 the Sawmill Market was open!

General Information about Sawmill Market

The hours of operation for Sawmill Market are Sunday thru Thursday 8am-9pm and Friday + Saturday they are open 8am-10pm.

There is ample seating available, but on the weekends Sawmill does fill up rather quickly. The center plaza is the most fun area to sit with shade trees, large umbrellas and covered seating – but it does get QUITE warm out there. There is additional outdoor seating on the front and sides and they do have ceiling fans out there. Indoors has seating all around and even a small upper seating area.

There is often live music in the afternoons or evenings in the summertime with an updated calendar of all the events going on here.

Overall, Sawmill Market is a great place to bring friends and family – we love that it’s upscale, but still has a casual family friendly feel to it!

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What types of cuisine are offered at the Sawmill Market?

The moment you walk into the Sawmill Market you can feel it’s energy! The decor feels trendy, but also timeless. There is a wide variety of cuisines, thanks to it’s numerous vendors.

Here is a small taste of what you can find there –

  • New Mexican
  • Mediterranean
  • Tacos
  • American
  • Italian
  • Asian

There is something for everyone, including vegetarians or people with allergies.

Which vendors should I try at Sawmill Market?

I love so many of the vendors at Sawmill, but a few of my favorites are below – in no particular order.

Flora Taco to go, Sawmill Market
  • Tulipani Pasta, My kids get the Creamy Lemon pasta 100% of the time we eat at SawMill.
Tulipani pasta, Sawmill Market
  • Paleta Project, We are big paleta bar fans.
  • The Rose’ Bar, I love getting their frozen Rose’ (Frose’) and they have different flavors each time I go.
The Rose' Bar, Sawmill Market
  • Hiro Sushi
  • Neko Neko, This ice cream is wonderful and you must get the Taiyaki, a Japanese fish-shaped cake on top. Mango is our favorite ice cream flavor.
Neko Neko, Sawmill Market
  • Hawt Pizza Co., My husband loves the Salsiccia calzone with a side of ranch.
Hawt Pizza Co, Sawmill Market
Frenchie's Dips and Tots, Sawmill Market
  • Churro y Corn, I could eat their corn in a cup all day long. All the NM additions make this corn so so flavorful!
  • Plata Coffee, They have a great iced vanilla latte.
  • Notorious POKE, I love their Poh-kay Tuna bowl with the forbidden black rice. YUM.
Notorious POKE, Sawmill Market

What’s the price range for food at the Sawmill Market?

The price range for eating at Sawmill Market isn’t small. Typically a single entree is around $15 and cocktails are about the same. As a family of four, our children typically split a main dish, but we still can easily spend $80-$100.

Does the Sawmill Market offer beer, wine, or cocktails?

Yes! During our last visit to Sawmill I noticed quite a few of the food vendors also now sell a limited menu of cocktails (margarita types).

There is also a full beer list of local rotating breweries available at Paxton’s Taproom located in the center of Sawmill Market.

And there is wine available at the Mercantile Cafe and cocktails available at Botanic Bar, Mobile Bar outside in the center plaza and The Rose’ Bar indoors.

You can also get cocktails and wine at the West Cocktail and Wine Bar, however it is a nice restaurant so dress and plan accordingly.

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