Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

INSIDE : Check out some of the very Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM. Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options! Also see a few of our favorite brewery spots, too.

Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM

I have lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico now for almost 15 years. My husband and I love eating delicous food and we are in luck because there are so many great places to eat here! This list is by no means an exhaustive list, but a list of some of our personal favorites. Please comment below with any spots that we should check out and add.

I will try to sort the restaurants by meal type for ease of reading!

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM-

  • Campo – This is the restaurant at Los Poblanos and their food is incredible for breakfast, lunch + dinner!
  • Flying Star – We just adore the Southwest Bennie.
  • Golden Pride – I can’t stop with their #2 Carne Adovada burrito.
  • Jimmy’s Cafe
  • Modern General
  • Stripes – Their breakfast burritos are amazing and their biscuits and gravy with an egg are incredible.
  • The Grove
  • The Range Cafe
  • Wecks – I’m a huge fan of their Huevos Rancheros with an over-easy egg and green chili.

Best Lunch Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM-

Best Dinner Restaurants in Albuquerque, NM-

  • Antiquity – Every single thing at Antiquity is delicious and the ambiance there is so romantic.
  • Artichoke Cafe
  • Casa Rodena Winery – Ask for a day pass and you can have dinner in the restaurant.
  • Farinia Alto – My go-to pizza spot in town! We love SO many things here. Their Verde, Chopped Vegetable and Baby Spinach Salads are amazing. And we love their Margherita, Bianca, Salsiccia and Carne pizza’s the best.
  • Farm + Table – This spot is incredible! The food is amazing and the ambiance is wonderful.
  • Jealous Fork
  • Jinja Bar
  • Poki Poki – My favorite poki spot in town.
  • Scarpas – I can’t stop with the Pasta Julienne. It’s just the best.
  • Seasons Rotisserie & Grill
  • Tako Ten – Their brisket taco is amazing. And their nacho platter is to die for, best nachos in town. VERY fresh ingredients with tons of flavor.
  • Taj Mahal
  • Tamashi
  • Thai Spice
  • The Feel Good ABQ
  • Yanni’s

Best Breweries in Albuquerque, NM-

  • Bosque Brewing
  • Bow and Arrow Brewery
  • Casa Veja Brewery
  • Ex Novo Brewing
  • Marble NE Heights – We love enjoying a beverage at this very family friendly location, while getting something to eat at the food trucks that stop in.
  • La Cumbre
  • Steel Bender

And let me know if you have any favorite eatery’s in Albuquerque I should add to the list!

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