DIY Rattan Pencil Case

INSIDE : Learn how to make the perfect Back to School DIY Rattan Pencil Case. It is perfect to hold and store all your pens, pencils and erasers!

Painted Rattan Pencil Case

My daughter starts her first year of Kindergarten in exactly one month!  (whaaaaat?!)  School season is nearing and one of my favorite ways to start preparing is shopping for school supplies.  I love looking at all the new pencils, crayons, notebooks and scissors.  It never fails, I get giddy in the store every time.  

Today, I am sharing my nineth back to school project, a DIY Rattan Pencil Case!  You might also like this Kiddo Personalized Pencil Case.

Rattan Pencil Cases DIY

I think I’m going to send my daughter off to Kindergarten with the coral and pink case and my son off to Preschool with the mint green case! Just kidding, I’m keeping them BOTH… all the heart eyes.

Rattan Pencil Case DIY

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What supplies do I need to make a painted Rattan Pencil Case?

Rattan Case (similar + similar)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Painter’s Tape

Also now available – Paint Palette No. 1 Photography Print of my paint palette pictured below!!

DIY Rattan Pencil Case supplies

My rattan cases were purchased at IKEA.  They come in black and natural colors and are available in two sizes, both which are used in this project.

How to paint a Rattan Pencil Case :

My first step was to tape off the rattan case in preparation of my coral paint color.  

Note: the first line of paint was the only place I used tape. To be honest, when I transitioned to other colors – I just freehanded it.  Those freehand lines actually turned out better than when I taped it, just an FYI.

After completing the coral stripe, I free handed the soft pink stripe.  

I also put the top and bottom portions of the rattan case together as I went along, so that each paint stripe would align perfectly.  The last color added was the hot pink to finish off the remainder of the rattan case bottom.

Using mint green paint, I also painted a squared off dot pattern on the other rattan case.

Lastly, remove all painter’s tape you may have used and allow adequate time for everything to fully dry.


Painted Rattan

I was so pleased with the final products!  I’m really loving a monotone palette these days, so the coral, soft pink and hot pink combination are my jam!

DIY Pencil Case

IKEA Rattan Pencil Case

DIY Rattan Pencil Case

The larger sized mint rattan case is perfect for storing pencils and pens.

Rattan Pencil Case

Green Polka Dot Rattan

While the coral + pink case, holds chalk, erasers, and even glasses just perfectly.

Green and Pink Rattan Pencil Case
Rattan Pencil Case DIY

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  1. These are so cute!! I totally missed these when I was at Ikea last week — looks like I’ll have to take another trip. 😉 My youngest starts kindergarten this year too, and my oldest is off to middle school!! I can’t take it!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh my, Kindergarten AND Middle School – what a year! Yes, you know Ikea… I think these were $2 or something – such a crafty steal!

  2. Aaahhhh, these are the cutest! I love the little cases, and the colors you chose! I totally get giddy when I walk through the school supply aisles. I was always so happy to go back to school and get all those fresh unused notebooks and pens! lol

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Yay, another school supply lover!! And you can never go wrong with Ikea rattan makeovers, right? 😉

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