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INSIDE : How to create and made a Simple Watercolor Notebook. From creating a gorgeous watercolor cover to adding in your pages, this is a fun proejct for all ages.
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I’m a huge list maker.  I adore paper and always have a handful of  notebooks on hand to keep those lists under control.  Making this Simple Watercolor Notebook was so fun to put together!
Supplies for making a  Simple Watercolor Notebook:
Watercolor Paper
Watercolor paint set
Sponge Brush
Mod Podge
Object for folding
watercolor notebook supplies |
How to a  Simple Watercolor Notebook COVER:
I first, took a plain sheet of watercolor paper and lightly drew a diamond pattern on it.  Then, I slowly started filling in the diamonds with my watercolor.  Once, the watercolor was dry I was able to erase the pencil marks.

Note: If you aren’t into watercolors, another option for the cover would be your favorite scrapbook paper.
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How to the  Simple Watercolor Notebook:
First, I took five or six sheets of lined copy paper and folded them in half.  I had already cut the sheets down, so when folded they would be a perfect long skinny notebook size.

Then, I laid out the lined paper onto my chipboard sheet and cut it to size, too.  Folding chipboard is a little harder, so I used a straight edge ruler, but really anything hard will work to help fold the sheet.

Next was cutting down the watercolor sheet.  I laid the sheet down and traced my chipboard overtop to create the pretty top cover.

And finally, I mod podged the watercolor sheet and chipboard together.  Once that had
completely dried, I laid open the cover, added the lined paper sheets and with two simple
staples, it was done!

Watercolor notebook steps |
This is a perfect notebook to keep in your purse for those random lists that come to you while out and about!

5 watercolor notebook |
I’m using mine for a Summer to do list with my two kiddos before school starts up.  Yes, that’s right… kiddo #1 is heading off to pre-school two days a week and I’ll be a sobbing hot mess!
6 watercolor notebook |

7 watercolor notebook |

Are you a huge list person like me?  If so, this is the perfect project for you to show off your personality while keeping organized!

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18 thoughts on “Simple Watercolor Notebook

  1. I’m so into lists, it has sorta become a problem, but if I had this beautiful little notebook they would all be in one spot! I was goofing off with my daughter’s watercolors today after seeing this the other day and I may just have to try it for real! Beautiful!

  2. I’m terrible at lists, I frequently leave my grocery list at home… oops. This is an excellent idea! I should make one to put in my purse, you know, so I can have my lists with me at all times!

    I’m a fan of watercolor, that’s what drew me here, it’s beautiful but easy.

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