Stay Sharp succulent picture

What more could you want than a chalkboard with some extra color and a witty succulent saying?!!  Today I am sharing this fun Stay Sharp succulent picture I created.  It is an easy little DIY project and let’s be honest, in my opinion, succulents and cactus will always be on trend!

Easy to create Stay Sharp succulent Chalkboard artwork!

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Cute gold scissors (always a must) | Cardboard | Chalkboard Paint

Chalk (or WHITE colored pencil)

Stay Sharp succulent art supplies

My first order of business was covering my board with the gorgeous green ribbons.  I wanted the background to have lots of color and pattern since I would be adding a more plain chalkboard overtop.  I cut the ribbons to size and hot glued the edges to the back for a clean look.

Stay Sharp succulent art step1
Next, I sprayed a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint and cut it into an oval shape.  I wanted a whimsical look, so I purposefully cut it not a perfect circle.  I added some trim with the gold paint pen.

Here is my tip of the day!  For a chalk look without future smears, use a white colored pencil.  Be sure you know what your design will look like because you can’t erase once you start.  However IF, you do want to use this as a chalkboard then use a piece of white chalk.

Stay Sharp succulent art step2

I added a little “stay sharp” sign and added a small piece of cardboard to the back to give it some dimension.
Stay Sharp succulent art step3

Stay Sharp succulent art step4

I really love how it turned out!

Easy to create Stay Sharp succulent artwork!

It has a chalkboard vibe but with more whimsey and color.

Easy to create Stay Sharp succulent artwork!

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