DIY Painted Plastic Flatware

I am excited to share with you today my seventh 12 Months of Martha project, DIY Painted Plastic Flatware.

I’ve had this idea in my head for some time and I was finally able to take a few moments to make it happen.  We just made a big move from NM to IL and after unpacking all our boxes, I realized I had THREE boxes of plain white plastic flatware that I never used.  Today I am excited to share how easy it is to paint plastic flatware to make it fun and special… so you can actually use it!

Super Easy Painted Plastic Flatware | Delineate Your Dwelling


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supply listMartha Stewart Crafts Satin Acrylic Paints  | Martha Stewart Basic Brush
White Plastic Flatware

Painted Plastic Flatware supplies

Ready for the steps on this DIY?

First, paint your flatware handles.

Painted Plastic Flatware steps

And that’s it!

The beauty of painting the handles of plastic flatware is that it doesn’t need to be dishwasher safe.  And it doesn’t even have to be edible safe.

Painted Plastic Flatware hand

After you use these cheerful DIY Painted Plastic Flatware, you can throw them out!  (or hand wash for another use)

Painted Plastic Flatware flat

There is something about these bright colors that makes a meal just a little more special.

Painted Plastic Flatware plan

Martha Stewarts’s Plaid paints have impressed me from day one.  They have a nice thick consistency that I love.

Painted Plastic Flatwares

Painted Plastic Flatware flats

What will be your next fun occasion to make some of your own DIY Painted Plastic Flatware?
12 Months of Martha,

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6 thoughts on “DIY Painted Plastic Flatware

  1. Hi . I am having a Mexician Festival for about 150 people & thought your painted plastic wear would go over big.How fast dose this dry & what do I lay it on or do I have to hang it on something.?

    1. Oh that would be so lovely! It dries fairly fast, the same speed it would if you just painted a canvas. I just gently laid them on a paper towel as they dried. Good luck.

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