DIY Marble Room Diffuser

INSIDE : How to create a simple DIY Marble Room Diffuser with your favorite nail polish colors and a simple marbling technique. A great project for all skill levels.

DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish

Have you noticed the marbling technique going around?  I’ve done about 20 Marbling projects now!!  And I was so thrilled to see how simple and easy they are to do.  Today I am excited to be sharing my DIY Marble Room Diffuser project with you!

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Nail Polish (it’s helpful to use a few lighter and darker colors together)
Something to let your jars dry, I used a paper bag
Container of Water
DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish
The steps on how to make a marble room diffuser are so simple.  Start by filling your large plastic or tin container with water.  The amount of water you use will determine how much of the jar will be marbleized.
Next, it seems silly but unscrew all your nail polish jars, you need to be prepared to work quickly as the polish will dry fast.  Pour in a few drops, lines and small puddles of nail polish into your water.
Holding your glass jar at the top, dip it into the container of water and pull it out quickly.
DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish

I then sat my diffuser jar upside down on the paper bag to dry.  It took maybe a little less than an hour to fully dry.

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DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish
This was my first ever marbled project and I was just so thrilled with how it turned out.
DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish
What does a room diffuser do, you might be asking?  You can use your jar for anything really, but I wanted to use it as a fragrant room diffuser with wooden skewers to soak up the lovely fragrance.  If you are into essential oils this might be a great application, to use it for too.  I however, already had some leftover room diffuser liquid and just used that.

I put three wooden skewers into the jar and then hot glued some felted flowers to the top for decoration.
DIY Marble Room Diffuser, Delineate Your Dwelling #nailpolish

There you have it a simple DIY Marble Room Diffuser!  Something to add a nice aroma to your room and pretty to look at, too!

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