Gold + Green Accent Bottle

INSIDE : Learn how to spray paint a gold + green accent bottle to mimic a simple lace ribbon pattern.  Gorgeous DIY craft to set out on display in your home.
Green and Gold Accent Bottle

I first shared this project as a contributor post at Place of My Taste.

As you all know, I am mixing things up a bit this year with my fall decor and incorporating pops of emerald green (You can see my Green and Gold Thanksgiving Table here).  

Today I am excited to be sharing how I made this simple Gold + Green accent bottle to put on my table.

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What supplies do I need to spray paint a gold and green lace bottle?

Decorative Ribbon (lace patterned ribbons do best for this look)
Gold + Green Accent Bottle supplies

How do I make a gold and green ombre bottle?

My first step was to give the entire glass bottle a nice coat of gold spray paint.  Rustoleum gold is by far my favorite gold color.  

After that has dried, select your lace ribbon and wrap it around your bottle.  Using a small piece of tape, secure the ribbon to itself.

Gold accent Bottle
I saw this spray paint ombre technique over at The Crafted Life and tweaked it a little to fit my needs.  I very lightly used my Emerald Green spray paint to cover mostly just at the ribbon area.
Green spray paint
Leave your ribbon in place until the paint has completely dried.
Gold + Green Bottle
You can now remove the tape and ribbon.  The final look is this lovely ombre’ Gold and Green Accent bottle with a fine lace detail.
Gold + Green Lace Bottle
Plant Bottle
I have added this little beauty to my Fall Mantel decor and it fits in perfectly!
Gold + Green Accent Jar
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