DIY Garden Apron

INSIDE : Learn how to make a DIY Garden Apron with simple iron applications! No longer do you need to be searching for your garden tools, now you can carry them with you.

DIY Herb Garden Iron-on Apron

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This post has been updated from it’s original September 2013 publish date.

I decided to join in a Monthly Challenge hosted by  Somewhat Simple.  The first week’s challenge was to create an apron.  With the weather still plenty hot here in New Mexico, I thought I would take today’s DIY outside.  I am sharing an easy DIY Garden Apron.

Cotton Garden Apron

Whenever I garden, I end up with dirt, pollen, and all kinds of other gooey things on my hands.  Somehow, it always ends up on my shirt… so this seemed like a perfect project for me!

What supplies do you need for a simple Iron-On Apron project?

Herb Iron-on Transfers

I went to to my local craft store and picked up a cotton hip apron, an adorable yellow flower and iron transfer herb prints.  I already had the white striped ribbon at home.

How to make an Iron-On apron

To make an iron-on apron you will need to cut out which of the iron transfer patterns you plan to use. I selected bay leaf, cumin, cilantro, mint, thyme, oregano and basil.

Once cut out, you simple lay your patterns on the apron to make sure everything will fit.

Next, begin to iron on the patterns one by one.  This portion of the process took about 8 seconds per pattern and was so simple!

Ironing apron

After getting the herbs on my apron, I attached the ribbon and flower.

Iron-on Garden Hip Apron

Hip Garden Apron

I then added just a little bit of a watercolor wash to a few of the letters and flowers.  It adds just a bit of color to the apron, which I love.

Watercolored Garden Apron

And now it’s time to enjoy the garden!

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