DIY Painted Circle Summer Tote

Summer is on it’s way, if if it’s not already arrived in your part of the country.  And with warm summer weather comes picnics in the park, lunches at the pool and evening walks.  While it’s helpful to have something to carry all your summer stuff in, it’s not always practical to buy “another cute tote” at Target for $20+.  Lucky for me, I have a supply of plain bags and totes from various craft stores and dollar stores.  Today, I am sharing how to create the perfect DIY Painted Circle Summer Tote.

How to create this DIY Painted Circle Summer Tote, Delineate Your Dwelling

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supply list
Martha Acrylic Paints
  / Martha Paint Brushes / Pom Pom Maker / Yarn / Tote

Painted Circle Summer Tote supplies

Last year, I bought these colorful stickers from Ikea.  They came in a pack and I loved the colors and shapes, so the circles on the right side were my inspiration for this tote bag!

Painted Circle Summer Tote inspiration
I started with the bright citrus color first and painted directly on my tote.  If you know me at all, I’m not a perfect circle kind of gal, so I embraced the oblong non perfect shapes that were on the Ikea stickers and replicated that.  You could easily trace perfect circles if that is more your style.

Then, I let that dry and painted on the teal blue shape.  I added just a tiny bit of water to my paint when painting over the citrus color, to give the translucent appearance.  Next up was the pink shape.

Painted Circle Summer Tote steps

Add all things are better and much more summery with pom poms, soooo….. I made three big bold pom poms.  If you don’t have a pom pom maker, I HIGHLY recommend one.  They are not expensive at all and you can whip out near perfect pom pom in moments without thinking twice.  There are other methods like on a fork or a piece of cardboard, but believe me.  The pom pom maker is the way to do it.

Painted Circle Tote
I just tied the yarn pom poms together and tied them around my strap.  I think they make the perfect addition to my Painted Circle Summer Tote.

Painted Summer Tote


Circle Summer Tote

DIY Circle Summer Tote

So, I am officially set for summer now!  Do you have all your summer gear ready?

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  1. You are Awesome, so talented and I really love your work your inspiration are so FANTASTIC Well done. Christina xxx

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