Camping themed Birthday Party

Today is the final post about my son’s third Camping themed Birthday Party… I promise!

I love celebrating my babies on their birthdays and making them feel special. (And I know 3 and 4 yrs old is not a baby anymore, but this mama can’t quite let go.)  I like going the DIY route because I can create a fun day for them but without spending much at all.  Birthday parties can quickly get out of control and you can spend hundreds of dollars on decor, favors, cake, activities, etc.

Fun and creative Camping themed birthday party!  Great ideas for your little one's next party. Delineate Your Dwelling

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Each few weeks, I’ve been sharing a few elements of the birthday party.  First, I shared the Camping Birthday Party invitation, which is a free printable.  Then, I shared How to sew a Dress-up Camping vest with my VERY limited sewing skills.  And lastly, I shared my Camping themed Birthday Cake.

I loved adding a few small paper details to turn a store bought cake into a special camping cake!

Camping themed bday party cake table
I bought this fun Toy Camp Set from Amazon.  I put out the compass, canteen and lantern as camping party props!  The lantern and camp stove light up, which is a major highlight for the kids.

Camping themed bday party cake
And the inspiration for the entire party was this ADORABLE felt campfire set and marshmallow roasting set.  They were so well made and something that I could never make myself.  My kids have pretend roasted s’mores nearly every day since we got these, too!

Camping themed bday party felt fire

Target was selling a small piece of astro turf in their dollar section and it was a perfect addition to the camping party!  I then stacked up a few of my landscape architecture and garden books to add some height for the “GONE CAMPIN'” chalkboard sign.

Camping themed bday party,

Camping themed bday party setup

Camping themed bday party tent

I used clothes pins and hung the birthday boy’s Camping Vest on our tent.

Camping themed bday party tents

Target also was selling picnic red and white checked placemats and I bought two for a few dollars.  I cut them into triangles and glued them to twine… they were the perfect banner for the occasion!


Camping themed birthday party

If you liked this party, you might like the other ones I created over the years!

Sprinkle themed Birthday Party,


23 thoughts on “Camping themed Birthday Party

  1. That’s my son’s new bedroom theme…I love it and it’s so easy to find things for it these days. I made him one of those felt campfires from dragonfly designs and I bet you could do it too…just lots of hand sewing 🙂

    1. Oh my word, that’s the best bedroom theme ever! I’m so awful at sewing, but fun that you were able to make a set.

  2. This is seriously SO. CUTE. I just love the camping theme and how it’s great for both boys and girls. All your details are just fantastic!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Erica! It was really such a fun party and day for my little guy… and my kids play “camp out” all the time now! Ha.

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