Cupid’s Bow and Arrow craft

I hosted a small Valentine’s Day party for a dear friend and her kids.  We had four kiddos under five in total.  I knew right away I wanted minimal candy and maximum crafty.  Everyone made a Cupid’s Bow and Arrow craft and I think they were a big hit!

I have never been one to do much for Valentine’s Day but this year I simply can not stop myself.
. paper straws (forever working my stash down)
. various colored felts (i used cream, white, gray, red and pink)
. leftover wrapping paper roll
. string
. hot glue

Before the guests arrived, I had pre-cut all the arrow heads and bottoms.  Make sure to fold your felt in half so you end up with matching double pieces.

We let the kids pick which colors they wanted and then it was a parent job to hot.glue the felt onto the straws.  We basically sandwiched the straw in-between the two felt pieces and glued away.

Next up was decorating the bow + arrow quiver (i totally had to google what this part was called.  i’ve not kept up with my bow and arrow terminology).  I had precut two wrapping paper rolls into approximately 8″ lengths.  Each kiddo colored with colored pencils, crayons and washi tape to their little heart’s desire.  Some went minimalist (the boys) and some went all out (the girls).

A circular piece of felt was glued to the bottom of the quiver to keep all the arrows secured.

Here is my Kiddo #1’s handiwork in action!


 Valentine's Day Arrow Craft
Be sure to check in next week to see the setup and decorations for this adorable party!


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