Christmas Ornament Exchange

 I volunteered to participate in a Christmas Ornament Exchange put on through Live Laugh Rowe.  I was assigned a lovely lady to make an ornament for (hence, my note above) and will be sending it out to her this week.  

Embroidery Hoop Ornament, Delineate Your Dwelling

I have been wanting to create some Embroidery Hoops forever.  I literally drool every time I see Oh My Little Dears whipping up simple stunning ones for her dining room.  I decided I would make some and turn them into ornaments.  These were so fun and easy to create.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament supplies, Delineate Your Dwelling

Using the black and white polka dot cloth, I covered the embroidery hoop.  Then, I made a wreath with my gold pipe cleaner and wrapped the ends around each other.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament steps, Delineate Your Dwelling
 Next, I cut three small leaves out of some green and white polka dot ribbon.

I hot.glued the wreath, leaves and a few small red poms onto the hoop.  I almost stopped here, loving the simplicity of it.

Embroidery Hoop Ornament progress, Delineate Your Dwelling

Instead of stopping, I added a few additional embellishments.  I found a small paper tag and wrote, “NOEL” with a gold Sharpie marker.  After adding a few fun ribbons and some bells, it felt done.
I hot.glued the tag and ribbons onto the ornament and enjoyed the festive feel!

Embroidery Hoop Ornament final, Delineate Your Dwelling
I could have easily taken the store bought  route and just bought something cute at Target, but I am so glad I joined this homemade ornament exchange.
Will you be making any homemade ornaments this year?

31 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Exchange

  1. What an awesome idea to use emboidery hoops as ornaments. This makes the perfect small gift to hand out as a little thank-you. Thanks so much for sharing, I will definitely make some of those! =)

  2. I love these little hoops Amy! What a great idea for an ornament :)Thank you so much for linking up to Get Your DIY On with us last week! I hope you’ll join us tomorrow with your hand made gift project!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  3. Thank you for linking up at Craft, Create & Inspire linky party last weekend !!! Your awesome/cute project is featured this week 🙂

    I hope you will join us again this weekend !! dont forget to grab a featured button



  4. It’s Deonna from the Child at Heart blog! Thank you so much for linking up at the Merriest Blog Hop! I chose your post as one of my FEATURED ideas this week! Yay! Please keep those good ideas coming and grab a button to tell everyone you were featured 🙂

    1. I know, like I needed one more “thing” to do this holiday season… but I had SO much fun with this exchange. Now I can’t wait to do one every year!

  5. Hey Amy! It’s Deonna again from the Child at Heart blog…this is SO great. I am obsessed with embroidery hoops and use them all of the time. I just made a big snowman with them last week. I will be copying this idea for my tree this year! Thanks!

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