Mason Jar wall

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I am participating in a Pinterest Challenge with eight other amazing bloggers and yesterday I was going to share my fourth project with you, a Mason Jar wall project.  

But... my amazing and wonderful Grandma Marge passed away suddenly this week and we've traveled "back home" to Indiana to attend her funeral.  With all of this going on, I was not able to put this fun little DIY together.  

I went to Lowes last week and bought all my supplies, so next week when I'm back to a happier place, I'll be sure to share how cute it turned out.

If you'd like to take a peak at my first three projects, see below.

My first project was, Shoes Off Please.  
My second project was Lime Cream Popsicles, yum.
My third project was a Key Shadow Box.  


Week Four Mason Jar Wall
Week Five Geometric Backdrop
Week Six Succulent Table

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Easter Fringed Egg : Easter Party celebration

Friday, April 18, 2014

Last week I shared on Tiny Prints' blog how to create a fun Easter Celebration party and today I'm sharing my last DIY, Fringe Easter Eggs, with you all!  I recently shared my Newspaper Chalkboard Wall and my Easter Cups.

. Scissors
. Chipboard egg
. Tissue Paper
. Mod Podge

I used the same technique for this project that I did for my New Year's Eve backdrop.  I cut the tissue paper into strips about 2" thick.

Then I made narrow slices all along the strip.  Apply a light coat of Mod Podge on the top and bottom of the egg and then cover with a small square of tissue paper.  

Starting as low as you can, apply mod podge and slowly layer on the tissue paper strips.  Work your way up the egg, as you go.

The finished product is a lovely textural Easter Fringe Egg!

Easter is such a special and important day.  I had such fun putting this small party together to celebrate the day!

I hope you all take some inspiration from these fun ideas.

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He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

Kitchen Renovation for less, Part 4 (finale)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to the finale of my mini series called:  
How to get a high end (looking) kitchen 
look for a low end price!

Before I started blogging and sharing our crazy home DIY's with the internet world... we took our kitchen from 1970 scary to, well... better.  I thought I'd share a bit of our kitchen journey with you all.

I've posted here and here and here about the first seven steps in transforming your kitchen to have a high end look at a low end price.

A little back story:
The hubs and I were expecting our first baby and as any normal couple who are preparing to take on that huge responsibility of parenthood and make major life changes would do... we decided it would be an ideal time to completely gut and renovate our kitchen.

This was our kitchen for many years (5+ years).  This picture was taken shortly after we moved in.  Sometimes I wonder why we bought this house when I look back at the early pictures.  Lots of dark original to the house cabinetry, fake butcher block counter tops, odd textured stripe wall paper, and a single large florescent light overhead.  Oy.

Step 1 Do It Yourself
Step 2 Make simple changes for big impact, like paint the walls
Step 3 Patience
Step 5 Know when it's worth a small amount of money to make a big impact and hire help
Step 6 Know your limitations 
Step 7 Do. It. Yourself.

*Are you catching the overriding theme here?*

So, we left off on the last post with my baby bump growing leaps and bounds, our entire kitchen being texturized (a true polar vortex) and having to throw out every single item in our refrigerator when the hubs forgot to plug it back in.

Meanwhile, the hubs was slowly but steadily putting all the Cabinet To Go cabinets together.  (major love sent their way, see this post).  His method was installing the upper cabinets first in our garage.  Then, depending on how heavy it was, he'd muscle it into the house or I'd do some very minor assistance to get it around a corner and into the kitchen.

Step Eight is watching lots of This Old House on Youtube.  

I tried finding the T.O.H. video with this next tip, but couldn't... and I'm probably going to call it the wrong name.  BUT, it was a major help to measure the height of the bottom of the upper cabinets and then the hubs installed a small wood strip all along the wall.  This helps as you hold those HEAVY cabinets up, so they can be kind of propped up and you can just use one hand.  As I mentioned, the hubs does lots of pondering and there is no way he could ponder and hold at the same time.

Step Nine is buy appliances on SALE and buy fixtures on the CHEAP.  We had a functioning dishwasher, oven, etc... but just wanted stainless steel.  So, with no major rush on our hands, we were able to wait for those great sales on those items.  

For all our fixtures, we also took our time and found amazing options for a fraction of the cost.  Good ole' trustworthy Sears was our go-to appliance store.  Our range hood is a beauty (it's not blue, thats the protective covering) and we got her at Costco.  Our sink faucet is so lovely and we got that at Costco, too.  All our cabinet pulls and under cabinet lights were an Amazon online find.

After the upper cabinets were all up, we (the hubs) started on the lower ones.

Can you believe it?  It's starting to look like a kitchen again!

We have a local supplier here in town and after MUCH research and discussion, we went with granite countertops.  They are Ubba Tubba.  The main color is black with lots of green and gold specks and sparkles.  (Of course everyone is doing light colored countertops now, but give it three years and we'll be right on trend again.)

We had crazily agreed to host Thanksgiving at our home for my entire family and the hubs was connecting the dishwasher while I picked everyone up from the airport.  We didn't even know how to work our oven to cook the turkey the next day.  So many learning lessons, folks!

But, the kitchen renovation was complete, excluding the backsplash.  We were so thrilled to have a functioning kitchen again.  A little bit later (ONE month and a few days, to be exact) we welcomed sweet little kiddo #1 to our family and things like kitchen backslashes took a major backseat.... for a while.

Fast forward about 10 months and we were ready to tackle the FINAL item, the backsplash.

Step Ten and my final tip for renovating your kitchen for less is, know when to splurge and when to skimp.  I had dreamed about all white Moroccan tiles or small diamond shaped marble tiles and while all of those are insanely stunning, they are insanely expensive.  We decided to go with simple (and CHEAP) white subway tile from Lowes and then do a small accent strip with small glass colored tile. 

(This was taken prior to grout and with my cell phone, ugh.) 

No surprise to anyone who has been reading this mini series, but we saved a substantial amount of money by installing the backsplash ourself.  I'm sure for someone who is a tile master, this is not a huge task.  But it was our first tile job and there were areas with numerous tile cuts and those glass tile were TINY.  I think we spent a total of 40 hours spread out over evenings and weekends of a week or two.

This concludes my kitchen renovation for less mini series!  It was a long ride from start to finish for us to transform our kitchen and I thank you for sticking with me on FOUR parts to this series.  I hope you all were able to gain a little bit of insight for any potential kitchen updates you may have planned.

do. it. yourself.

(if we can do it, i know YOU can!)

Easter Cups : Easter Party celebration

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Last week I shared on Tiny Prints' blog how to create this Easter Celebration party and I'm so  excited to share my whimsical Easter Cups with you all today!  I shared earlier my Newspaper Chalkboard Wall.

These little Easter Cups were my take on a Christmas snow globe.  And let me tell you what, I'm completely in love with how they turned out.

First, I traced the clear plastic cup onto a sheet of graphic scrapbook paper and cut it out.  Then, I glued various elements onto the paper.  A garden gnome, a mirrored coral mushroom and a few natural elements were displayed in the cups.

The garden gnome and mushrooms were very brightly colored but quite inexpensive.  I knew I could easily spraypaint them, so they were perfect for this project.  I added some Mod Podge and gold glitter to the gnome's hat.  The mushroom tops I painted a sweet peachy color.

(i apologize for the reflection in the cups.  it was quite difficult to take pictures without that glare.)

Easter is such a special and important day.  I had such fun putting this small party together to celebrate the day!

I hope you all take some inspiration from these fun ideas.

matthew 28.6
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

Easter Hoop Art

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm here today to share with you my Easter Hoop Art.

(see my supply list to purchase below)
. Small Embroidery Hoop
. Cream Felt
. Various spring ribbon
. Gold Foil paint pen
. Scissors
. Hot Glue

The first thing I did was cut out an oval egg shape from regular paper.  Then, I decided on my pattern for the ribbons.

Line up the ribbons and glue them to the precut oval shape.  This completes your ribbon egg.

Next I secured a piece of cream felt in my embroidery hoop.  I hot.glued the felt in the back of the hoop.  Of course, I used my gold foil paint pen to paint the hoop gold.  

The rest of the project was just layering scrapbook papers to make my little Easter sign.  (I did add some chalkboard paint to a book page for the actual "Easter" portion.)

The final touch was adding some green twine with a little bow.

I love how simple this little project was, but it's colors are so cheerful and bright it lights up the space!

Newspaper Chalkboard Wall : Easter Party celebration

Monday, April 14, 2014

Last week I shared on Tiny Prints' blog how to create a Easter Celebration party and I'm so so excited to share my Chalkboard Wall with you all today!  Would it be weird to keep this chalkboard up with an Easter greeting, in July because I love it that much.

As I started dreaming about this year's Easter Celebration party, I came across Tiny Print's Miraculously Smiling Canary Easter card.  I instantly fell in love with the colors and style.  I knew right away my party would be filled with cheerful spring colors + patterns, lots of chalkboard and a few fun crafts.

The Easter card I selected was actually meant to have a family photo at the top, but I quickly designed a chalkboard graphic and added orange stripes to the background and viola', my card was turned into a fun chalkboard invite!  I just couldn't pass up the colors and patterns of the "Easter" text at the bottom.

The main focus of my Easter party was the chalkboard backdrop.  I created it using only newspaper and chalkboard paint.

I stapled six sheets of newspaper together and then blocked off my "chalkboard area".  Using chalkboard spray paint, I gave it about three light coats of paint and then used a gold foil paint pen to create a border.  I then wrote out my 'Easter Celebration Party' message with chalk.

To dress up the chalkboard a little for the party, I found (let's be honest, I ran full speed ahead to Target the moment Oh Joy's party line came out) some festive paper flowers.  I also cut out one of my party invitation in the shape of a flower.  Using a hot glue gun, I attached ribbon as leaves to the flowers and then to the chalkboard!

I adore the pop of colors those flowers give the black and white chalkboard.

I also painted a gold charger with some chalkboard paint for some extra sparkle on the table. 

Next, I will be sharing how to create the adorable Easter cups shown above and then how to craft the adorable mint green tissue paper eggs.  Be sure to check back for the details!

matthew 28.6
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.
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