Favorite Amazon purchases

INSIDE : Check out this collection of my Favorite Amazon purchases for the Fall!  Create a cozy warm and inviting home with these home decor finds from pillows, vases, candles and lamps there is something wonderful for everyone to create a comfortable home with.

Favorite October Amazon purchases

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This post will be updated each month to reflect my new favorite Amazon purchases for each season.

I saw someone do a post on their favorite Amazon purchases and I found it SO fascinating and helpful.  I clicked on every lotion, candle and gadget she had shared and found myself so excited to get organized, creative and pampered.

I immediately went to my Amazon orders from the LAST FEW YEARS and thought I have LOVED some of these things… I wonder if other people would be interested in seeing what I bought for my family??

So here we go.  Some are things I have bought and others are things on my wish list, but I will give a brief explanation of each one regardless.

Best Amazon Purchases for November

Just so you are aware, we have Amazon Prime and I think it’s really the only way to shop via Amazon.

You might also want to check out my Amazon Storefront here!

With November’s chilly days and brisk nights here, all I want to do is be cozy in our home.

Bringing in candles, blankets and warm colors feels perfect as friends pop over for a quick afternoon visit and family gatherings happen more often with holiday hosting approaching.

Favorite October Amazon purchases

Check out some of my favorite Amazon finds that are helping me create that sense of warmth and coziness this season.


  • I was gifted this 9” Infinity White Ceramic Vase from my family for my summer birthday and I tell you, it’s SUCH a beautiful way to display flowers, Fall leaves or even twigs.
  • This rug has brought such warmth to our living room! I wasn’t sure about bringing in rusty reds and some blues… but it was a GOOD choice!
  • I’m having a candle moment in life and when I saw this set of two brown Totem Taper Candles I was so thrilled at the find. Talk about a statement candle!
  • I bought a 12″ Disco Ball a few years ago and YEAR ROUND it’s something that brings me such joy on a daily basis.
  • This Coir Checkerboard Natural Doormat is awesome because the design isn’t just printed on the top so that it wears off with use – it is cut with lower checked squares. This doormat will last much longer than one Fall season!
  • I really can’t even with how gorgeous this large decorative Spiral Twirl Candle would look on a coffee table or shelf. It’s so so beautiful.
  • This Sand Glaze Finish Boho Vase is perfect for setting out during the fall season. A few pieces of dried grasses in this pot would be beautiful on a Thanksgiving table.
  • I own this Modern Pleated vase in white and adore it. The elegance of the black pottery is wonderful.
  • This Larkspur Floral Flower Pattern by William Morris in a soft dusky blue is beautiful.



  • These 8 oz. Ceramic Ramekins come in a set of 6 and I just adore the colors. They are the perfect size for a scoop of ice cream along with your pumpkin pie with friends!
  • Sleek metal chip clips, you would be surprised how much joy these have brought me. So much joy, that I actually bought another pack of them!
  • When the weather cools down, I love spending evenings outdoors and having a small tabletop fire pit has been such fun! It takes rubbing alcohol, so it’s a clean burn. We’ve enjoyed it many evenings just solo and also used it for roasting marshmellows.
  • Cutest wooden Mushroom Toothpick holder and dispenser ever! I have mine sitting out on the kitchen counter and it makes me smile everyday.


  • The Silent Patient is a book that griped me from the moment I started it! It’s a physcological thriller and it kept me on my toes the entire time. I LOVED the ending and it’s such a perfect Halloween book to read.




  • I just started trying a Gua Sha Facial Tool and the verdict is out on whether it is working for me or not, but the practice of applying a moisturizer and then pressing this cold tool to my face feels LOVELY.


  • If mushrooms aren’t fully fall then I don’t know what is! Love these wooden mushrooms and their endless potential. I painted them and added to a bowl for a beautiful centerpiece.

NOW, tell me what were some of your favorite purchases from Amazon in the comments below.  Include a link if you can and let’s help each other with this great resource.

Favorite October Amazon purchases


  1. delineateyourdwelling says:

    Such great finds, Kris! Thanks for sharing. Those glasses are awesome, I might need to snag them for this summer.

  2. delineateyourdwelling says:

    I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier, I’m loving seeing what you all have bought from Amazon. Loving all 3 of your items!

  3. delineateyourdwelling says:

    Such great Amazon finds, Amanda! I love that daypack. Thanks for sharing.

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