Painted Fabric Clutch

Friends, are you ready for this project today?  This is the ultimate DIY fail gone wrong two times and then in a moment of triumph… gone so right!  Today I am sharing a thrift store find, a Painted Fabric Clutch.

Painted Fabric Clutch, Delineate Your Dwelling

Do you remember my Cassette Case turned Chalkboard Memory Box post a few months back?  While out doing a little thrifting, I found that cassette case and this little gem of a fabric clutch.  This little lady had potential and for only $2.99 I knew I could do “something” to fancy her up.

Fabric Clutch, Delineate Your Dwelling

I taped off the plastic handles.

Fabric Clutch taped, Delineate Your Dwelling

Using my all time favorite *Rust-oleum gold spray paint, I gave her about three light coats of paint.

Fabric Clutch paint, Delineate Your Dwelling

Thus began the first and second DIY fails.  If you’d like to see how tacky my “amazing” ideas can be sometimes, check them out in my REAL delineate series.

Using a silver paint pen, I painted/drew five thin lines along the fabric.  I traced over them three times to really intensify the color.

Fabric Clutch stripes, Delineate Your Dwelling

I also carried the lines up to the plastic handle.

Gold Fabric Clutch, Delineate Your Dwelling

This clutch is now a perfect combination of texture, color and GOLD.

Painted Fabric Clutch inside, Delineate Your Dwelling

Painted Fabric Clutch2, Delineate Your Dwelling

I must say after I about threw this clutch out the window… I’m so glad I kept repainting and repainting because in the end I love it’s simplicity and stylish look now.  Have you done any fun thrift store update projects?

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