How to Plan out a Room Refresh

INSIDE : Learn my FOUR simple tips for on how to plan a room refresh. It helps to keep your space on budget, have a direction for colors and patterns all the while still looking great!

Living Room Refresh

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Creating a relaxed and comfortable home definitely takes time and patience. There are a handful of tips I always do when starting to plan out a refresh, update or renovation for a room in my home. Starting your new project having a plan doesn’t mean, you can’t change course or make a pivot – but it helps give you guidelines and a direction to stay within.

1. Make a List of Needs

One thing I have found so helpful when creating a plan for my interior spaces, is making a list of needs for the room. Is it a high use room? Will you need to accommodate occasional visitors coming to stay and use the space? Does the room need to have kid proof furniture and decor? Are you looking to gain more kitchen counter space?

Whichever room in your home you are tackling, there should be a handful of needs, wants and use type questions that you answer. This is the basis of your plan.

2. Figure out your Budget for new items

Another key element of creating a plan for your room is deciding on your budget for new items. Do you only have $500 to work with or have you saved up $5,000 for a huge room renovation?

This will greatly impact what type of items you buy and what stores you choose to buy them from.

3. Decide on any DIYs you may create

Next, based on your budget you may realize that DIYing some of the art or painting of walls will help reduce the cost. This may give you more flexibility to use that money on other upgrades or buying that high end special piece.

4. Create a Vision Board

And lastly, once you have all those items taken care of, it’s time to make a vision board to help you stay on track. This can be done as easily as creating a new board on Pinterest or cutting out magazine clippings to help you pick the colors you are most drawn to for a space.

I am so thrilled to be part of All Modern’s on-going blogger campaign series. They have such wonderful furniture, rugs and home decor style which fits so perfectly with my aesthetic. Plus, it’s so easy to find great pieces that match all my criteria of new, budget friendly and aesthetic.

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How to Plan out a Room Refresh

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