Creating a dual Office + Guest Bedroom

INSIDE : Learn how Creating a dual Office and Guest Bedroom can be the best use of your space! Having multi-functions for a room in your home is a great way to make your house work for you.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design

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Today has been a long time coming. I am so fortunate to have a room in our home that I can use for my office. However when we have company come to visit, I’m often shuffling the room around, trying to make it more usable for guests.

Mid Century Modern Dresser

Creating a Dual Office and Guest Room


One of the main issues in the room was the my office area often overtook the entire room. There was no space for our guests to put their luggage and clothing. There was really no spot for them to set any personal items they may have brought like jewelry or watches.

Having a dresser in the room has really had such a huge impact on the room. I used a few of the drawers to contain and eliminate my office clutter but there is now room for friends or family to put some of their clothing during their stay.

I am so in love with All Modern’s Stehpenson Groove 6 Drawer dresser because of it’s sleek Mid Century Modern vibes. The color is the perfect dark wood tone.

Mid Century Bedroom

Movable Guest Bedroom Bed

Using an air mattress is so helpful for helping with space. I would love to have a room big enough to accommodate a queen sized bed, in addition to my office but it’s just a bit too tight for both full time. We have found a really comfortable air mattress bed that even has an inflatable headboard and it works just right for our needs.

Simple Bedroom

Adding artwork

Another huge impact in the room was adding artwork to the guest side of the space. My office area is full of pictures and things I surround myself with for inspiration while I am working. However on the other side of the room it was completely bare… white walls, no art, pretty void of life.

Now, I have this gorgeous Sedona Colorblock IV art piece that really was the inspiration for the color palette of the space.

Accent Wall and Colorblock Art work


Bringing in lighting was also so important. I hate to admit that although there are three light switches at the entry of the room, none of them were connected to lamps. So when guests were ready to head to bed, they had to feel their way through the room to a lamp and then fumble around to get it turned on.

Modern Guest Bedroom

I really could not be more in love with the gorgeous glow of the Mo Globe lamp. I love it’s simple shape and it gives off the perfect evening light. Plus, did I mention it’s now connected to the light switch.

Shop my room :

Mid Century Modern Guest Bedroom

And the best part of this dual space room is that once company heads back home, I can simply deflate the air mattress and put away the bedding. Then, I have the entire room back to myself again without having to move and reshuffle the entire space!

Bedroom Dresser

And I’ll be sharing soon how to create this little circular wall accent. It’s so simple and makes a great statement on the wall!

Guest Bedroom

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Thank you to All Modern for providing product for this post. And thank for supporting brands that help my business run.


  1. Cajunbgirl says:

    I love this dresser and art space. It totally looks cool and it’s not too much to overwhelm the room. Comforting and cozy.

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Thanks so much! It’s perfect for the space. 😉

  2. I love the room and the post. But could you please change the title to be DUAL, instead of duel? Simple mistake!

    1. delineateyourdwelling says:

      Oh goodness, THANK YOU for catching that! I updated it. 😉

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