Fourth of July Tea Light Holders

INSIDE : Learn how to create simple clay Fourth of July Tea Light Holders for sitting out on your table during the big holiday! Embrace red, white and blue.

DIY 4th of July Tea Light Holders

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Fireworks will be here before we know it, which always makes me such a happy lady.  I suddenly want to wear all the glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces and ooooh + aaaah with the kids!  

July 4th Tea Light Candles

I love celebrating 4th of July and our country’s Independence and these Fourth of July Tea Light Holders are a perfect table top addition!  

Plus, you’ll never guess what the color is made from… plastic STRAWS!

Clay candle holders with holes
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What supplies do I need for 4th of July Candle Holders?

Clay supplies

How do I make a fun 4th of July Candle Holder project?

Roll out and flatten about a golf ball sized amount of air dry clay.  

Clay flattened

Next, cut the clay into a rectangular shape.  I rolled my tea light candle on the clay to make sure it was the right length. Then cut your straw into thin pieces.  

Note, you will want to cut them the depth of your rolled clay.  

Cut blue plastic straws

Then, press the straw pieces into your clay in a random pattern along the upper section of your clay.  

Clay rectangle with blue circles

Lastly, use your sharp item to wiggle and pull out the clay from inside the cut out straws.  If the straw pieces come out during this process, it’s fine – simply push them back into the clay.

Clay rectangle with blue holes

To connect the flat rectangle clay together, use simple clay working techniques.  I put mine together, added a little water with a paint brush and then using my sharp item, did some simple hatch lines across to blend the clay sides together.  

Battery candle flame

After the clay dries, it holds together perfectly.

Battery operated candle clay holder

After my clay dried, I popped in a battery operated tea light candle and they were ready for my festive table top!

4th of July Tea Light Holder

How fun are these 4th of July Tea Light holders from air dry clay!! I just adore them.

Tea Light Holder July 4

I love the addition of the colored straws as pops of color to these candles, but it could easily be painted if you don’t have any straws on hand.

Clay candle holder

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July in your house?

DIY Tea Light Holders

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